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    Trees and Shrub Winter Pruning Guide


    As the last of our leaves fall outside, I am constantly taking in the structure of the trees and shrubs in our yard. Because those naked limbs reveal so much that was hidden all year, I can’t help but be tempted to start cutting a little here and there well before it’s time for winter pruning. Pruning helps maintain a plant’s shape and can actually prolong the life of it. Removing dead or diseased parts can help keep it healthy.…

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  • shitake-mushroom-log
    garden diy

    How To Start Your Own Mushroom Log

    From the moment we moved onto our current property, we knew it was the perfect environment to grow mushrooms. The shade from large oak trees (that limit our gardening potential) also…

  • apple-pie-filling
    pickled + preserved

    Canned Apple Pie Filling

    It’s fall, and this year we are ditching the usual pumpkin craze and swimming in apples. This shift may be due to this year’s weak pumpkin harvest (and a freezer still full…

  • october garden chores for a southern garden
    garden chores

    Our October Garden Chores

    I have always been in awe of the colors of the fall. While most people can’t wait for those spring flowers, I am always longing for that first crisp late summer…

  • newborn-photo-shoot

    An Easy and Inexpensive DIY Flower Crown

    This week Ryan and I packed up our newborn and headed to Knoxville for another shoot with Sun Kissed Smiles Photography. Our little bean took the 3 and a half hour…

  • baby-love
    pregnancy and baby

    Best Anniversary Present Ever

    We just celebrated our 4th year of marriage on Thursday, and brace yourself, we also became parents for the first time! Best anniversary present ever! I was in the early phases…