2014: looking back and dreaming ahead

Today is the first day of 2015 and as we look back on the year past, we are filled with hope for the year ahead. We are already dreaming and coming up with things that we want to see come to fruition this year.

The biggest goal would be to keep bringing our best to this blog and seeing it grow. We even have goals for the year that have yet to be made. We have a lot ahead of us, and right now we are just thankful for what 2014 brought us.

This past year we grew more in the garden than we ever have before. We enjoyed the challenges of the year farming our little plot. We are working in a new climate and have experienced new insects to maneuver, all while working organically. With such exhausting labor (like double digging) behind us, we are focusing on other things like relocating the compost, buying new seeds, and improving the aesthetics of all the garden beds. Currently, we are keeping up with the winter beds while dreaming of a spring hustle.


2014 was also the year of canning for us. We may not have had a lot going on, but it was the first year that we flew solo (away from our moms) and canned for ourselves. We’ve had a few hits and misses (sharing most of them along the way), with a few we hit out of the park like the tomato sauce and dill pickles. Now that we have our toes wet, so to speak, we are ready  to get our can on this coming season.


Another adventure we have been lucky to be a part of was The Homestead Atlanta. Since beginning to work with the organization, we haven’t been able to stop sharing bits of awesome- food Swap, Maker Faire.

There is one thing in 2014 that trumps all of the other highlights of the year, the start of This Natural Dream. We had discussed the idea of blogging while prepping our Knoxville hugelculture bed, but it wasn’t until the beginning of the following year (2014) that the idea took flight. We have been finding our way ever since. This has been an unexpected journey that we wouldn’t trade for anything. Soon, we will have our first year under our belt with an array of projects still ahead.

farmer-wifeHere’s to the possibilities of 2015!

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