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5 Reasons To Love Using A Clothesline

why I love using a clothesline

When Ryan built our clothesline two years ago, I was swooning like crazy. Your man installing a clothesline may not sound romantic, but Ryan’s hard work quickly became one of my happy places. It sounds a little kooky to say such things about “a work space.” What can I say, all I see is his work of art and a slew of reasons I love using a clothesline every time I look at our clothesline. Here’s why…

reasons to love using a clothesline

5 Reasons to love using a clothesline

Naturally removes stains.
Out of all the years I’ve hung our laundry on the line, there has never been fading, just some fantastic stain removing. I can’t wait to put this trick to use on our cloth diapers, but right now it works wonders on our whites especially. We’ve used a variety of homemade mixes to remove pesky stains and nothing has worked as well as time in the sun.

Saves money.
Every month the dryer is neglected, we save a few precious pennies- roughly $40 bucks a month. That’s a lot of pennies. There is no denying how even the littlest savings can add up. It’s nice to have a little extra jingle in our pockets during the summer for vacations and for the many plant purchases.

It’s relaxing.
Hanging laundry on the line gives me a minute to step back from whatever busy task I have going on and enjoy the nature around me: birds singing, a light breeze, and being under the sun (soaking in vitamin D). It also gives me an opportunity to eye the gardens for progress/needs while I’m right beside it. When I pull laundry off the line at dusk, I have the privilege of seeing the sun go down on one side while the moon rises on the other. What’s not to love?


Laundry dries faster.
In general, everything dries faster outside than it does in the dryer, but on warm sunny days the process is on turbo drive. Thanks to Mother Nature I’m able to get twice as much laundry done in a day than using the dryer would allow. Hanging our clothes on the line saves any lag time between clothes in the washer finishing and waiting for space to dry. That wait period can really kill productivity.

clothesline for the win

Naturally irons out wrinkles.
You can’t beat the crisp iron like press a clothesline will put on your clothes. This doesn’t mean course materials, in fact everything except for our towels remain as soft as they originally were. Wrinkle-free and no fear of garments shrinking or getting damaged by the dryer or iron, it’s a win win. Don’t even get me started on the magic of hanging sheets on the line- crisp sheets for days!

Timely folding means less mess.
More often than not, when a load of laundry is done in the dryer, I lay clothes out on the couch and let them pile up until I’m ready to fold a full day’s worth of laundry all at once. Jeans and dress shirts are handled right away, but as you can imagine, the rest are a bit wrinkled. Not to mention, it’s not all that visually pleasing. Days I have laundry on the line I’m able to fold clothes as I take them down. This makes life easier all around. Clothes are folded and ready to be put away, and the entire chore is done and out of the way.

Can you see a little better now why I have clothesline hearts in my eyes? Are you ready to get heart eyes a clothesline of your own? We have a tutorial for you here.

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    April 6, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Reading this made me yearn for my lovely huge clothesline back in New Zealand. I loved being out in the sun and wind taking in armloads of fresh smelling washing. We now live in snow 7 to 8 months a year and nowhere to put a line up even if we could. Our clothes are getting wrecked! My system was to hang out clothes in person order then fold from the line. Then I could walk around the house with the basket and put away clothes straight after.

    • Reply
      this natural dream
      April 6, 2016 at 10:27 pm

      Mel, you and I have the same method to hanging and folding laundry. It works like a charm! I hope life’s journey reunites you with a clothesline once again!


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