5 Simple Lavender Uses

From the moment we added lavender to our herb garden last year, I have been eagerly awaiting the scent of fresh cut blooms filling the house. Last year we didn’t see much flower production, but this year the lavender has had a steady bloom. Though I’m thankful for what blooms have sprung from the plant, I can’t wait for there to be a larger abundance. Then I can contribute the relaxing aroma straight from the garden to more than just one project. So many lavender uses, so little lavender…


Tips for growing

Lavender prefers summers that are hot and dry with moist, cool winters. Soils that drain well are their paradise. Each year after the coldest part of winter cut back 1/3 of the foliage. This pruning helps promote fuller, round growth and deters the plant from sprawling and taking over. When it comes to watering, lavender likes to be well watered but let it dry out between watering. To help cut back on disease, water in the early morning to allow the plant to dry before nightfall.


Lavender uses

There are so many amazing ways to use lavender in the home, but like I was saying above, I only have enough this year to achieve one project. Though many of these things could be made by using lavender essential oil, I really wanted to make things using lavender blooms from the garden. These were just some of the intriguing lavender uses I came across.

Lavender milk bath – My first thought on using lavender was how much I would love to make a lavender bath salt…then I stumbled upon lavender milk baths. The ingredients are simple and the whole idea of a milk bath just sounds completely soothing (for body and soul). It’s a mix of natural ingredients including powdered milk, Epson salt, and lavender flowers.

Homemade face mask– I’m still completely committed to my coconut oil face wash and scoby facial, but I’m not against trying new things. This calming recipe of plain yogurt, honey, and lavender (oil or flowers) makes one small batch of goodness. If you try this one you’ll have to let me know how it is!

Lavender bath salt– There’s a reason that making a bath salt mixture was my first thought when it came to using fresh garden picked lavender. Like many women I have long been a fan of lavender infused baths. Before adding lavender essential oil to bath water, I was all about lavender Epson salt. With ingredients like Dead Sea salt and vitamin E oil this mix is sure to make your skin silky smooth.

Tied and left to dry as scented decor– As lavender has been drying out over the last couple of weeks, I have been catching whiffs of their sweet aroma in the air. It definitely had me tempted to just leave it hanging as decoration that keeps our house smelling fresh.

Room and linen spray– We have done away with all forms of artificial room fragrances like Glade plug-ins and sprays, so to me this project seemed like a no brainer. I plan to make a spray soon with or without lavender. I mean, we are closer than ever to having a baby and dirty diapers in the house. And with three simple ingredients; vodka, water, and lavender (oil or fresh), it will be something easy to whip up even when the house is crazy. (Don’t have vodka? Witch hazel works too.)

Before settling on my DIY lavender project, I had been leaning towards a personal and relaxing use for the first lavender harvest. Then, suddenly I decided to go with something sentimental and practical instead. Keep an eye out for that tutorial coming your way soon.

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