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5 Tips For Using A Clothesline

clothesline for the win

Sometimes when you really love something, it’s hard to get everything into one blog post. In a follow-up to our last clothesline post about why we love hanging laundry on a line, these are our five tips for using a clothesline.


5 Tips for using a clothesline

Hang with purpose.
On our four lined clothesline, I sort the laundry by having Ryan’s on a couple of lines and mine the others. This makes it easier when I fold the laundry and place it in the laundry basket by groups. Then, when I put our clothes away it’s already organized.


How to hang.
To avoid unsightly bumps on shirts I hang them upside-down with a clothespin on each side. If a shirt has sleeves or a long middle, I use a clothespin on each sleeve and one in the middle of the garment. To get supreme wrinkle free jeans and shorts, I hang them by the legs using two pins on each leg.

why I love using a clothesline

Clean the line.
Before hanging clothes on the clothesline, give the line a quick look over and see if anything needs to be wiped off. On a rare occasion, I use my hand to assure the line is clean before pinning a damp item of clothing to the line.

Shake before folding.
It’s rare but there have been moments I’ve found unwanted bugs (including a bee in these yellow shorts) on our clothes. I always think it’s better to be safe than sorry, so give your clothes a few gentle shakes and proceed with folding.


Never underestimate the power of a good clothespin.
Ryan’s mom gave me old clothespins that are far stronger than the new ones I have bought from the big box stores. (Hers is the one to the left.) A strong clothespin will keep heavy items like jeans on the line without a problem. They can also prevent shirts from sliding and folding together.


Hopefully these five tips for using a clothesline save you from any blunders that I have experienced in past years. If you don’t have a clothesline, find out how to build your own here. And if you are finding yourself on the fence about using a clothesline, see if my undying love for this natural drying process can win you over here.

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