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a walk around the garden: planting up the front

With the temperatures rising, Ryan and I are busting tail outside every second that we get. It really is the season of hustle. In between weddings and birthdays, we spend our days covered in dirt marking things off the persistent to-do list.

Last week, I began the prep for the whirlwind of planting I knew was drawing near. I pulled out kale and spinach from all of the beds. Our kale just kept loving on us this year by giving and giving. We planted it last spring and they didn’t bolt until just a few months back. Even then, they kept feeding us with their flower buds. (Thanks Garden Betty, for the recipe and insight!)


A few of the strongest kale plants were selected to remain to collect seeds for later. We also saved seeds from a plant that had a interesting mutation. We thought it would be fun to see what came of them. Gardening and experimenting, they go hand in hand.

We hit the ground running Saturday morning with our May chores. Thanks to all the hard work we put into building the beds last year (double digging, sheet mulching, building raised beds), we were able to move right into planting this year’s crops with minimal prep.

We planted the “L” shaped bed on the corner of the house with a salad mix of arugula, lettuce, and spinach. The other side was planted with snap peas where the trellis is located. (It still has a couple snow peas growing on it from a winter planting experiment.)


While I was planting that bed, Ryan was busy planting broccoli seedlings that we grew. After the broccoli was in, he sowed carrot seeds between the rows of broccoli.


Because we needed some room for many new plants, a few things in our raised beds had to be relocated, including our rhubarb that we started. Ryan very delicately transplanted our rhubarb from the raised beds into what we call the raspberry bed where they will thrive.


Beside the freshly planted rhubarb patch, we planted our sunflower seedlings. I can’t wait to see them grow. I am hoping they provide us with a little more privacy and a lot more eye candy.

Next to the retaining wall we built a new bed for our sunchoke seeds from Sow True Seed. Ryan cleared more area of the overgrown brush between our house and the neighborhood beside us to give us more room to plant. Then, we got out the cardboard to sheet mulch our new bed.


Once the cardboard was down, several loads of well composted wood mulch were layered over that. Sheet mulched beds are a great way to start a new garden or give your garden a little boost before planting. We like to start our sheet mulch bed months ahead of planting it, but we cheated this time around. We have been the fortunate recipients of a massive mountain of free mulch, which definitely helps. (You can read all about that here.)


Believe it or not, we planted up the backyard too. Since there have been so many posts on the backyard lately, I thought it was only right to take one post and fill you in on whats going on up front. Let me just end it with this cutie over looking the compost glory.


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