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a walk around the garden: seeing green

After weeks of our backyard garden bed being planted, we are starting to see some serious growth. Now is the time in the season where I start to squeal and run for my camera more and more frequently. Blooms, budding produce, even potatoes sprouting from the earth are all cause for excitement in my book. (Those who follow us on social media know this first hand.)


Beans were the first thing planted in our backyard bed, and even though they are producing beans, they are struggling to stand tall and proud. The beans are just too heavy for the thin young stems to support.


Beside the beans, we have our sweet potato slips and potatoes planted. (We have full post on potato planting here.) The most recent to join the party were a bunch of black bean and okra plants that Ryan got in the ground over the weekend. With the bed being fully planted, I can’t wait for the plants to grow and see it all come together.

To give our beans and deprived soil a boost, compost and composted cow manure were added around the budding plants. Thanks to this and all of the rain in our forecast this week, we hope to see a big growth spurt. In which case, you can expect an Instagram update. Just know that on the other side of those photos is an overly excited lady cheering our garden on. Clapping hands are possible.


You should see the praise our elderberry receives for its serious growth over the last two months. Dude (the elderberry) is eating it up. It has come a long way since it was pictured in this backyard facelift post. We had hoped to see it flower this year, but it may be another year.


One plant we aren’t so sure we want to grow like gang busters is our volunteer pumpkin. Having a pumpkin vine growing in some beds is fine, but in areas like under our peach tree, it’s not so ideal.


The tree has filled out since last year and already makes it tight getting around some of the garden beds. The last thing we want is to be jumping over crawling vines as well.

There have been some other little changes around the garden like trimming and wattle fence reconstructing with stronger bamboo. The change I am so eager to share, is that we have added to our plant family. Ryan’s barber shared some starts of calla lily, perennial hibiscus, and a banana tree with us. The banana tree had me most thrilled because I have been missing the one that died in my winter move to join Ryan in Massachusetts.


Now we just need to find the perfect location for each plant, something we always enjoy doing. Until then, all the rain that has rolled in this week has turned our attention to a few lingering indoor projects.

I ended our last walk around the garden with Ellie over looking compost, so I thought I might make it a tradition and end each walk with Ellie doing her thing in the garden.


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