An Easy and Inexpensive DIY Flower Crown

This week Ryan and I packed up our newborn and headed to Knoxville for another shoot with Sun Kissed Smiles Photography. Our little bean took the 3 and a half hour drive like a champ. That girl is making us proud left and right…

Unlike our maternity photos, initially I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with Lula’s newborn session. I knew I wanted nature incorporated in the shoot; it just wasn’t until my parents expressed wanting to make certain props that a vision started to form. After Ryan and I spent a little time browsing Pinterest, it was decided a flower crown was the missing piece. With no time to spare a vision of how we wanted to remember this stage in our daughter’s life was coming together.


It’s safe to say we are feeling inspired by all things floral. (I suppose a baby girl will do that to ya.) We have ideas of floral projects in the future, but for now Ryan is lending his floral skills to make a perfect crown. The flower crown was the perfect touch that made the style of our session really pop. I left the sentimental DIY to everyone else. The only thing I made was the baby.

how-to-make-a-flower crown

The pictures in this post are cellphone shots from behind the scenes. Professional photos will be shared when we receive them- so check back soon!   

How to make a flower crown for under $10


floral wire
floral tape
wire cutter
cut flowers and greenery

supplies-for-flower crown

1. Unroll a small length of floral wire and create a ring. Use this to measure how big the flower crown needs to be to fit the person who will wear it. It needs to be big enough to just fit over the top of the head without falling below the eyes.

2. With the size figured out, unroll more wire and double or triple up the wire ring. Clip the wire to detach the ring from the floral wire roll. Wrap the two ends around the other wire to attach it all together.

forming-the-wire-frame3. Start wrapping floral tape around the entire ring. Try to keep the wrap pretty tight and consistent. Any sharp areas can be wrapped a little thicker to ensure no one gets stuck.

using-floral-tape4. With the ring covered, everything is ready to start attaching flowers. Trim the flower and greenery cuttings to size. On our flower crown, we used baby’s breath and periwinkle for greenery (picked from Ryan’s parent’s garden). Many short pieces were trimmed of baby’s breath and long pieces of periwinkle.

adding-greenery5. When you add the cuttings, take a layering approach. Add a layer of greenery followed by a layer of baby’s breath. Finish with another layer of greenery. Start by twining the periwinkle shoots around the ring. If needed to secure it, the greenery can be attached with a small piece of tape. For thicker stems, you can wrap a bit of wire to attach it. Add enough greenery to cover at least half of the ring.

secure-with-floarl-tape6. Start adding the next layer, the flowers – baby’s breath. This definitely needed small pieces of tape to hold it secure. Be delicate around the greenery. Continue to add the baby’s breath piece by piece until most of the crown is filled in.


7. Finish it off by adding additional greenery to hide the ring and any of the tape attaching other pieces. I was able to tuck the starting and finishing ends of the periwinkle into other parts of the crown that were already attaching. Use tape only if you have to at the end with the goal of concealing everything you can beneath greenery and flowers.

diy-flower crown

With the photo shoot complete and the flower crown having served its purpose, we plan to dry the flower crown as a keepsake. I have the perfect spot in the nursery to display such sweetness. What a perfect way to remember just how tiny she once was. Excuse me while I fight back the tears thinking about her already growing up all too quickly.

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