back in the booch

When we last dropped in talking about kombucha, we were newbies making our own. At the time, we had one scoby, one jar, and having a hard time keeping up with our own demand. You can  just call us booch addicts. Once we started making kombucha tea, we were hooked.


Ryan, like most southerners, grew up with a pitcher of sweet tea in the fridge. I on the other hand have never jumped on the sweet tea train, but I am all over the kombucha.  So when we swapped out a pitcher of sweet tea for filling our fridge with bottles of kombucha, it made for a healthy switch and one happy wife.

To help us keep up with production, we recruited half gallon Ball jars that we had actually used as decor for our wedding. Now, when it’s time to bottle booch I reminisce about the day we said “I do.” I’m not alone in this. Just the other day, Ryan wrote our wedding date down when dating jars of fermenting tea. Luckily, I caught it or else we might have been a bit confused when deciding on when to bottle.


Labeling the bottles with the date brewed and bottled has allowed us to keep track of how many days of fermenting create the flavors we prefer.

Our repurposed Ball jars are not only nice for triggering sweet memories, they nestle nicely in one of the cubes of our Ikea island. This cubby in the island is now dedicated to our kombucha making addiction. The ol’ pickle jar we first started making booch in, three ball jars, labeling supplies (tape and a pen), and any empty bottles that come from the fridge all fit in the island. There’s even room for a a couple of small jars just for raising more scobys (all a part of our growing scoby factory).


Aside from our kombucha container solution, we are also trying new teas and sweeteners. The past few rounds have been all about green tea and honey. ‘Tis yummy, maybe too yummy. The other day I think that I drank my weight in kombucha tea. We are looking into loose leaf tea soon. True to form, that switch has us pining to make our own blend.


Nowadays, we have about 3 gallons of tea fermenting at any given point, 7 bottled kombucha teas in the refrigerator, and 12 little scoby babies. Ryan and I can’t wait to pour a glass for everyone over Thanksgiving. We are hoping they too will want to start a scoby factory, er enjoy making their own personal batch.

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