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back in the bamboo- a trellis for snap peas

We have been busy playing catch up around here lately, and now that we feel like we are coming up for air, we have much to share with you. Every weekend, we take on a project that is labor intensive and better done as a two man job. Double digging and preparing new garden beds has been our main focus for some time. Last week, we kicked some major butt. We completed a bed that we had started several weeks prior and knocked out two more new beds beside the cold frames. Not sure what double digging is? You can read more about it here.

Remember all of the bamboo that we gathered  to make a fence and bean structures for our Knox bed? Well, we took them apart (the bean structures at least) and brought them to Atlanta to use in our garden beds here. With our freshly dug extension complete, we were eager to get the structures up for our snap peas to grow on. After ‘breaking our backs’ to get the bed ready, it was nice to know this would be a much easier process.

I picked the poles closest in size and Ryan buried them a few inches deep in the earth. Thanks to the loose soil, this wasn’t all too hard of a job.


With the bamboo poles slightly crossed and secured into the ground, we placed poles at the top that would cover the length. Starting at opposite ends, Ryan and I began tying the top poles to the crossed ones using twine.

Once the bamboo structure was finished we were ready to get more veg babies snap peas out of the cold frames. Some look happier than others, but they should perk-up fast. Under the poles on the far side you can see a few carrots.

On a side note, compost #2 snuck into a few of the pictures and is looking much smaller (breaking down) than when you first saw it here. Pile #1 is a third of the size and is ready to use. There is more going on here, but we’ll give you a full tour another time and show what’s rocking throughout the garden.


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