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backyard facelift: part two

The mission to improve our backyard and give it the “wanna hang out and never leave” vibe continues. We have never lived in one place as long as we have lived here in our Atlanta home (all of 1.5 years). Before, we would do what we could, but nothing like we are able to accomplish here. Imagine if we actually owned the place, oh the things we could get done.

planning-the-future-of-the-gardenKnowing that we will one day be moving (ideally into a home we will own) we plan to dig up and take a lot of it with us…that includes the clothesline. So in a way, everything we are doing here feels like a rough draft for the future.

That is the exactly where the conversations go when we are buying plants. “Can we take it with us?” is the most repeated thing of the trip. Well, that and “ohhh, pretty!” and “look at that!” We definitely said those things plenty during our last visit to Saul’s Nursery. They are a wholesale nursery here in Atlanta with rows and rows of beauty. Just look at that lettuce.

lettuce-at-wholesale-in-atlanta pretty-flowersIt didn’t take long before our cart was filled.

our-cart-fullThis brings me to building our beds. I left locating and planning them up to Ryan’s designer eye, and I just give it the wife’s approval. Using the sheet mulching method, we built a new bed for the new flower garden. With a thick layer of cardboard down, Ryan added four wheelbarrow loads of mulch to the beds for me to spread.

new-sheet-mulch-flower-bedmulching-new-flower-bedWe went heavy with the mulch to help jump start the beds.

improving-the-landscape-around-the-clotheslineHerbs have been planted in the new herb garden, and we have planted more in our food forest garden. Below is our herb garden to date. It’s looking a little sad from trimming and getting transplanted. Once the new rosemary, thyme, lavender, and chive babies fill out and the parsley springs back, we’ll be sittin’ pretty.

herb-gardenThe new plants will be planted once the rain breaks, but for now, they will be chilling laid out in their future home. I’m loving the color pop so far and I can’t wait until the rest bloom. (You can tell by our Instagram, we’re suckers for a pretty flower)

refreshing-landscapeThe little food forest is also in a slow state of transition. We have been excitedly watching everything spring back from last year (you can read about its beginnings here), particularly the elderberry. It’s sent out many shoots since last year and we are loving it. There are some tasty plans brewing for those sweet berries.


food-forestWhile they look a little rough from the transplanting , the bed is now filled with blueberries, plenty of elderberry starts, and pawpaws Ryan moved from the front yard. He was thrilled when he discovered our small papaw patch near the road and has wanted to move them for some time. I’m hoping the extra mulch I spread over the beds will help everyone recover quickly. Ideally, we will get this bed planted thick enough to hide the undesirable parts of the house and deck.

Slowly but surely this backyard is getting a facelift. Garden parties and backyard gathering, here we come.improved-landscape

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