bamboo, birthdays, and a little exploring

Last weekend, Ryan and I made a quick trip to Knoxville in pursuit of bamboo and records.


We got on the road early Saturday morning headed North. Since we were making such good time, we stopped off to stroll along Ross’s Landing at the Chattanooga waterfront.


The three of us enjoyed the short time we spent walking along the river so much that we had hoped to stop again on our way home to walk the Renaissance Park on the other side of the river. Unfortunately, and as usual, we didn’t make nearly as good of time heading back home.

The rest of Saturday was all about family and friends. Starting with celebrating my birthday (early) with my folks, and at the end of the night, celebrating one of our best friend’s birthday.

Sunday, it was game on. We were focused on getting to our coveted bamboo, but first, we had to upgrade our phones. Naturally, they didn’t open until 11:00am, and once we got there, the whole process took several hours. It was time that we were happy to spend because we got a sweet deal on new phones and were about to pick up attachments to enhance our images to share on Instagram and Facebook with you fine people. (Thanks to photographer Kelly Fitzsimmons, who spoke at the garden bloggers conference, for the insight.)

As hard as it was, we put playing with our new gadgets aside, jumped into garden gear, loaded the car with our vinyl records that we had been storing, and set out to cut bamboo.


We have been longing to reload on bamboo from Ryan’s uncle’s house since the fence we built at Ryan’s parent’s house has lasted years. The fences and trellises that we built here (with bamboo we picked up from someone’s scraps on the side of the road) has proven to be with much weaker bamboo.

To our surprise, Ryan’s uncle Ric had cut bamboo stacked for us when we arrived. All we had to do was cut it to size to fit in the car. Yes, somehow we did this in our little car with a pup in tow.


Ellie girl had to be in-the-know, as you might suspect.


Before long, the car was packed with as much bamboo as we could fit, and we were ready to head back South. Ric was getting a good laugh out of us and captured our situation.



Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Nothing will top the day we had this car stuffed with an Ikea queen bed frame, mattress, and nightstand.

Big thanks to Ric for the great images and for allowing us to come by every now and again to take in the beauty of his bamboo and help with a little forestry management. Now that we have some of the best bamboo back home with us, we are eager to start garden projects.

Speaking of garden projects, there are seeds to sow and today really is my birthday (I feel like this should be said bold, italicized, and with jazz hands), so I am going to get back to the things I love. Taking in nature and hanging with my main squeeze.

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