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This post is a complete surprise for Ryan. He had no idea that I was going to blog about his birthday. I can’t help myself. I love showing my amazing husband extra, extra love on such days. Every year I try to do something big to show him how much his life means to me. Last year, I made him a brownie recipe from my childhood that he had just recently fallen for. Each day that he came home from work the week of his birthday I had a stack of brownies with lit candles ready and waiting for the him to blow out.

I LOVE surprises, giving and receiving them. This year I managed to pull off what felt impossible, a bathroom full of balloons for the birthday boy to wake up to. This adventure started with a quick trip to Target. I figure one trip in nearly two years would be ok. I hate the way it feels to shop there (I feel like a farm animal or something). That’s something I thought I would never say. I mean what girl doesn’t like Target? Anyhow, in one big box swoop I had balloons, a sweet birthday card, and cake mix. I broke a lot of ‘rules’ this day (buying cake mix and going to Target), but we tend to break rules on special days.


After getting home from the store, I spent the afternoon the day before his birthday getting my craft on by making him a birthday sign and blowing up balloons. Hiding 15 balloons got a little tricky for me. I filled one of our big recycling bags with as many as it would hold and hid it behind a large chair we have in the corner of the living room. The rest of the balloons were hidden in my shower.


I was almost discovered when Ryan suggested that we pull out the big comfy chair for a little movie night. Luckily, I was able to deter him from the idea. All I had to do was make it through the night. I just prayed that I could slip out of bed later, sneak across the house, keep Kearney cat and Ellie dog quiet, and retrieve the hidden balloons without waking him. I was beginning to think it was going to be more of a challenge than anticipated.

It was around 2:30 a.m. that I woke up and managed to make the magic happen. Using painter’s tape I stuck the balloons to the ceiling and hung his sign. The entire time that I was working, Kearney was being a wild man. I thought for sure he would blow my cover. Ellie even got up once, but I still remained undiscovered. Somehow, I was even able to get back in bed without any rise from my sleeping beauty.


When Ryan got up to get in the shower all I heard was laughter, he loooved it. With surprise #1 out of the way I was on to #2, making cake batter pancakes (hence the cake mix purchase). It was a recipe I had pinned on Pinterest two years ago with my man in mind. It was the perfect way for a sweet tooth to kick off a birthday. You can get the recipe here. Her’s were much prettier. My pancakes came out looking a little like Mardi Gras, which is fitting since New Orleans is where we fell in love. But that’s a story for another time.


After Ryan headed to work, I jumped to surprise #3 after tending to the garden of course. You can’t come home on your birthday without having a surprise waiting for you. That’s something my mom often treated me with growing up. Naturally, I went back to my “this should be yummy” Pinterest board and settled on one monster oatmeal cream pie (recipe here). Unlike my cake batter pancakes, this did come out looking more like the picture. Pardon my balloon wounds (tying all those balloons gave my fingers a beating), but I had to show you how big this guy was.

To top it all off, took balloons from the bathroom surprise and added to them hanging them in the kitchen. My love was all smiles when he came in. Are surprises not the best?


Ryan’s Actual birthday may be over, but we aren’t done celebrating. His parents will be coming in this weekend, and there is a lot more love to show this man.

Psst- Ellie loves balloons too! She had a big ole time before Ryan left for work yesterday.

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