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  • january garden chores
    garden chores

    Our January Garden Chores

    How different can one year be? This time last year we were ready to finally bust out of winter’s grasp. Cold weather had not been a gardener’s friend. This year however…

  • December-Garden-Chores
    garden chores

    December Garden Chores

    The calm of the winter has truly set it. There’s not a whole lot going on in the garden these days, but we still have a few December garden chores to…

  • november-garden-chores-for-a-southern-garden
    garden chores

    november garden chores

    It is in November that the first frigid temperatures sneak in and the falling leaves never seem to stop. The fall color has peaked, and now winter is knocking on the…

  • october-garden-chores-for-a-southern-garden
    garden chores

    october garden chores

    When October rolled in, so did the rains. As record rainfall fell across the south, we saw a steady rain for weeks with only one sunny day breaking it all up.…

  • september-garden-chores
    garden chores

    september garden chores

    The cool weather that has rolled in has been a long time coming. It’s been a hot summer that swept in early and never seemed to let up. A sudden big…

  • sowing-seeds
    garden chores

    august garden chores

    The end of the summer can leave you begging for mercy, especially in the South. Between the heat, the humidity, mosquitoes, and god knows what other legions of bugs, being outside…

  • july garden chores for a southern garden
    garden chores

    july garden chores

    Summer in the south is something special. With July’s arrival comes the best and the worst of the season. Some years can be hot, miserable, and dry yet somehow the humidity…

  • june garden chores
    garden chores

    june garden chores

    posted by: Ryan Full of lush growth and beautiful flowers, June has always been one of my favorite months of the year. The frenzy of spring is over and it’s time…

  • watering-the-garden
    garden chores

    may garden chores

    By the time May rolls in, we are in the midst of planting madness. The winter blues are far behind and our gardens are quickly getting filled with growing seedlings, tender…