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  • shitake-mushroom-log
    garden diy

    How To Start Your Own Mushroom Log

    From the moment we moved onto our current property, we knew it was the perfect environment to grow mushrooms. The shade from large oak trees (that limit our gardening potential) also…

  • diy-garden-trellis---how-to-buiild-a-cucumber-trellis
    garden diy

    DIY Garden Trellis

    Last year, we built our bamboo garden arbor spanning the distance between our raised beds to use as a cucumber trellis. After realizing that we still didn’t have enough cucumbers to keep up…

  • diy-compost-sifter
    garden diy

    diy compost sifter

    Even the most finished of composts can still contain little pieces of organic matter that has not yet finished decomposing. There’s nothing worse than trying to rake out the large pieces…

  • getting-the-trellis-in-place
    garden diy

    diy bamboo garden arbor

    Our DIY bamboo garden arbor has become the center piece of the front gardens. It certainly has been a long time coming. We have known since we planned our gardens in…

  • worm_factory_rolling_base
    garden diy

    easy diy worm factory rolling base

    Many years ago, while living in Massachusetts, we made the decision to test our feet in the wonderful world of vermicomposting. Because our winters are always cold, we needed an indoor…

  • getting-okra-seeds
    garden diy

    saving okra seeds, saving dollars

    Growing our produce from organic seed, in naturally enriched soil, means we get to relish in things like eating straight from the garden and saving seeds. Because we know the genes…

  • weaving-wattle-fence
    garden diy

    wattle fence. plain and simple.

    Wattle me this… Why did we not get into this sooner? I have officially claimed my love for wattle fencing. This year we tried a new method of fencing, wattle fencing.…