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    sad hot american summer

    I cant help myself with the title. Anyone else catch the Wet Hot American Summer prequel on Netflix? What a summer it has been for us… I know a lot of…

  • our gardens

    knoxville garden summer reboot

    This past weekend was all work and no play as Ryan and I conquered our incredibly desolate Knoxville garden. The bed was weeded and planted with it’s summer cops while we…

  • our gardens

    backyard facelift: part two

    The mission to improve our backyard and give it the “wanna hang out and never leave” vibe continues. We have never lived in one place as long as we have lived…

  • our gardens

    backyard facelift: part one

    The oak trees around our house drop leaves year round. There is always some form of debris to sweep off the porch and sticks to pick up in the yard. I…

  • our gardens

    long lost sweet potato harvest

    We have waited months to tell you about our sweet potato gold. Alright, they aren’t gold but harvesting sweet potatoes sure feels like digging for gold, and we were so excited…