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  • june garden chores
    garden chores

    Our June Garden Chores

    When June arrives in Georgia, the hot humid weather is pretty much here to stay. This year already seems like it’s going to be a hot one, so knocking out our…

  • diy-garden-trellis---how-to-buiild-a-cucumber-trellis
    garden diy

    DIY Garden Trellis

    Last year, we built our bamboo garden arbor spanning the distance between our raised beds to use as a cucumber trellis. After realizing that we still didn’t have enough cucumbers to keep up…

  • metal-engraved-plant-labels-plant-tags
    garden tools

    Using Plant Tags In Our Gardens

    When the number of plants in your garden starts increasing, it becomes easy to forget who is who. Plant tags and labels become an important garden tool especially when you have multiple varieties…

  • may garden chores
    garden chores

    Our May Garden Chores

    Our gardens go through a complete metamorphosis through the month of May. The before and after pictures are always fun to look at. You really get to see your May garden chores…