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  • newborn-photo-shoot

    An Easy and Inexpensive DIY Flower Crown

    This week Ryan and I packed up our newborn and headed to Knoxville for another shoot with Sun Kissed Smiles Photography. Our little bean took the 3 and a half hour…

  • diy-hanging-planter

    DIY Hanging Planter

    We have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks getting our baby nursery ready to roll. From the very beginning, we always planned to have our nursery flooded with…

  • garden-lavender

    5 Simple Lavender Uses

    From the moment we added lavender to our herb garden last year, I have been eagerly awaiting the scent of fresh cut blooms filling the house. Last year we didn’t see…

  • old farmhouse finish writing desk

    How to Create an Old Farmhouse Finish

    Our office has been evolving and transitioning over the past few years. It has transitioned from a landscape architecture studio to a thesis writing getaway and finally to its current (and…

  • bake pine cones

    Kick The Bugs And Bake Pine Cones

    With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, my brain is on DIY overload. Ryan and I have been tossing DIY gifts around, but currently I’m more focused on decor. Well, more…

  • kearney-loves-air-plants

    simple floating air plant stand

    The love affair we started with air plants (or Tillandsia) while road-tripping through Florida is still going strong. As our collection continues to grow, the quest to find each air plant a…

  • island-and-pantry

    come on in! (kitchen island – ikea hack)

    You’ve seen parts of our kitchen in roughly half of our posts, but since this is our first indoor project I thought I would formally invite you in. Our kitchen has…

  • clothesline

    diy clothesline tutorial

    At last, we finally got our long awaited clothesline up, and it has been working hard for us ever since. Kristyn loves her time hanging and taking down laundry from the…