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  • growing sweet potatoes

    cooking sweet potato greens

    It’s finally happened. After one year and one heartbreak, we have finally tasted the deliciousness of sweet potato leaves. We grew sweet potatoes last year and right when we were about…

  • savory

    back in the kitchen: the csa cookbook

    We’re back in the kitchen with Linda Ly’s The CSA Cookbook today, and we are more than excited to dive into our first no waste recipe. I first professed my love of…

  • this natural dream

    cooking with heart- the csa cookbook

    We have been feeling particularly lucky lately. First, we won scholarships to the Garden Bloggers Conference thanks to the generous folks at Bonnie Plants. Then, we were given the opportunity to…

  • sweet

    they call it crack candy

    Now is the time that I get to share with you the most sugary, chocolatey, bad for you, most delicious, and easy recipe I have up my sleeve. It has become…

  • garden to table

    oyster mushroom bacon here to stay

    When you are a vegetarian, things like bacon flavored mushrooms is enough to have you shouting from the rooftops. Our friends can certainly attest to that. Mushrooms haven’t always been an…

  • fermented

    back in the booch

    When we last dropped in talking about kombucha, we were newbies making our own. At the time, we had one scoby, one jar, and having a hard time keeping up with…

  • sweet

    pumpkin fluff this thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is this Thursday and we, like many of you, are planning our dishes. Is it me or does the holiday season feel like something you should buckle up for? We…