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  • sweet

    they call it crack candy

    Now is the time that I get to share with you the most sugary, chocolatey, bad for you, most delicious, and easy recipe I have up my sleeve. It has become…

  • sweet

    pumpkin fluff this thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is this Thursday and we, like many of you, are planning our dishes. Is it me or does the holiday season feel like something you should buckle up for? We…

  • sweet

    pumpkin pie, heaven in a cup

    The other day I opened my email to find a message titled “heaven in a cup.” The sender? None other than Mr. Thoughtful himself – Ryan. He had me at ‘in…

  • sweet

    healthy spiced pumpkin bread, oh my!

    It’s Sunday, which means we are back with the next installment in our pumpkin series. This time we have a loaf of a treat for ya, pumpkin bread. This week’s recipe…