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  • spring-gives-you-wings
    around town

    Spring On The Atlanta Beltline

    What is it about the transitional seasons of fall and spring that draw people outdoors? It has to be the delightful temperatures and inspiring pops of color. I know spring particularly has me…

  • Abingdon-VA
    around town

    I Have A Homestead Dream

    “I have a dream…” The words just keep ringing in my head. This is specifically due to the fact that it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but it is also in…

  • kearney-cat-and-the-record-player
    around town

    estate sale adventures

    As we left off in the Stinnett story, we were sharing how the newlyweds, Tyler and Chastin, gave us the keys to their truck. Immediately, we were thinking up ways to utilize…

  • atlanta-food-swap-2014
    around town

    swapy mcswapster – food swap

    The Homestead Atlanta has officially taken on Atlanta Food Swap. (You might recall me geeking out over handmade pottery and other handcrafted goods at our first swap here.) Food Swap is…

  • awesome-handmade-pottery
    around town

    making and innovating

    About a week ago, a wonderful event came to Atlanta called the Maker Faire. It was something I had not heard of before but came to understand that it was an…

  • the-homestead-atlanta
    around town

    passions and the homestead atlanta

    Our passion for a natural life has quadrupled this year. Everything we do in the garden, all the canning mayhem in the kitchen, and all we do to cut the chemicals…

  • peach-cobbler
    around town

    georgia peaches

    Peaches, you can’t live in Atlanta, or Georgia for that matter, without reading, hearing, or eating peaches. Come on now, there are 71 streets in Atlanta with Peachtree in the name. If only…