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    jekyll island get down

    We are suckers for travel and adventure. During the three years we lived in Massachusetts, we were constantly taking off to explore parts of New England. Birthdays were our most used…

  • road trips

    key west get down

    We were well into our trip driving from Atlanta to Key West when we visited Selby Gardens. During our last night on the road, we hit the beach for another sunset.…

  • road trips

    florida adventures

    We don’t usually keep things from you. I would say we are more of over sharers. Alright, maybe it’s more me than Ryan. Anyhow, we have been on a week long…

  • road trips

    edible asheville

    While Kristyn was off getting her birthday party on, I spent the day roaming around Asheville, one of my favorite cities to visit. The bucolic mountain town has such an incredible…