cucumber, lemon, mint water – a natural detox

Our garden is one of my most favorite places to hang. It is a place of constant inspiration and my most recent venture derives from the abundance of cucumber we have coming in.

I needed an idea. I don’t like eating them plain, and I wanted to do something outside of pickling, something with instant gratification. After researching my first few ideas, I stumbled upon natural detoxing drinks. It’s something I have been wanting to try and my garden provided me with enough ingredients to make it well worth my while.


For a few months now, I have talked about the idea of detoxing and giving my body ‘a clean start’ if you will. I want a way to help my body work the best it can and give my kidney and liver a helping hand. My intentions aren’t to go all out on one of the many detox diets, but instead to pay closer attention to what I put in my body, and making some helpful detox beverages along the way.

I ended up pairing the cucumber with mint (also from the garden) and lemon.


Cucumbers contain anti-inflammatory properties and make this detox beverage really refreshing. The mint makes is sweet and and soothes the stomach, aiding in digestion. Lemons, well I’ve made my love clear here, but in short they make this drink your immune system’s best friend.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 2-3 small lemons
  • 10 mint leaves


This was really easy to make. After washing and slicing the cucumber and lemon (lightly squeezed), I added the mint to 6 cups of filtered water.  This pitcher is going fast, and I am pretty confident I can fill it again using the fruit and mint already in it.

Ryan and I aren’t the biggest of cucumber fans, but this detox drink had us singing a different tune. I’m already coming up with different concoctions for the future. My favorite part is that it will all come from the garden ( lord willing).

Anyone else trying new things inspired by the garden?

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