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DIY Garden Trellis


Last year, we built our bamboo garden arbor spanning the distance between our raised beds to use as a cucumber trellis. After realizing that we still didn’t have enough cucumbers to keep up with Kristyn’s dill pickle demand. This year we have expanded our pickle cucumber production with this simple and easy to build garden trellis design.

diy garden trellis - how to build a cucumber trellis

This wood garden trellis is a breeze to throw together and is incredibly economical. In a few weeks, these will be covered in vines. Plus, the partially shaded area below the garden trellis is perfect for lettuce and other greens during the hot summer months.

How to Build a Simple Garden Trellis


(4) 1”x2” x 8 ft. Pressure Treated Board
(8’ length ) 3 or 4 ft. tall Galvanized Steel Fence or Welded Wire
Heavy Duty Staples
(8) 3” Deck Screws
(2) 3-1/2” Door Hinges
(4) Metal Garden Stakes

Start out by cutting your boards to size. Measure and mark 4’ in length. Then, cut the board with 45 degree angles at the ends. Cut out four boards and lay them out to make sure the pieces align correctly.

building a garden trellis - cutting boards

After the boards are cut, set up your frame. Use clamps to secure two corners of the frame and pre-drill your screw holes. Drill one deck screw in each end until they are nearly flush. Go slow and be careful not to split the board by drilling the screw too far in..

building a garden trellis

building a garden trellis

Detach the clamps and flip the frame around. With one end of the frame assembled, clamp the last board to the rest of the trellis frame. Predrill and drill the deck screws in just as you did before. Once the last board is attached, detach the clamps.

building a garden trellis

Create the second trellis frame repeating the previous steps again. Set the two trellis frames aside to get the welded wire fencing ready to attach.

Unroll the fencing and measure out 4’ in length and cut the piece out with wire cutters. Once you get the fencing on the frame, go ahead and clip off the tips of the wire that extend past the joints. This helps you avoid getting caught up when working in the garden below or around the frame.

building a garden trellis - cutting fencing

Lay your 4’ section of fencing across one of the trellis frames. Line up the fencing getting it as centered as possible. To make the process easier, go ahead and clamp down the fencing on one side. I had Kristyn hold the other side down while I did this to keep the fencing from rolling up on me, but you could use the clamps to control the fence while you work. Starting from the side opposite the clamps, staple the fencing to the frame. I aimed to staple every few inches trying to stay consistently spaced. If any staples do not go in correctly or all the way, you can either tap them in with a hammer or pull them out with pliers to redo. Once you get close to the clamps, remove them and continue stapling until you have done all four sides.

Set the first finished trellis frame aside. Grab the second frame and repeat the stapling process on the second trellis frame.

building a garden trellis

Take the two finished frames sitting them upright. Line them up with fencing sides in. Place the two door hinges on the top of the two frames equal distance from the center. Drill in the small screws (these screws should come with the hinges) to attach the hinges to the frames. That’s all it takes; the trellis is assembled. Now it’s ready to head to the garden.

building the garden trellis

In the garden, place the trellis in the location you plan to install it. Check that the base is square and spaced out equally. Then, hammer in garden stakes two per frame. I reused some scrap metal to make my stakes, but most metal garden stakes should do the trick.


Our cucumber trellis was planted right away. With plants in the ground, it will only be a matter of time before this thing is covered in green with tons of fruit hanging below. Maybe just maybe we might get to keep some homemade dill pickles around in our pantry a bit longer next year.

planting our cucumber trellis


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