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diy hand scrub – the silkiest of smooth

After sharing our DIY gift round up, we thought sharing a couple recipes only seemed right. First being the DIY sugar hand scrub that my mom has turned me on.


With a lemony scent, this hand scrub takes me to the freshest places. It’s like a quick trip to the salon. My nails are clean and shiny after using it. They aren’t just soft, they are in fact the silkiest of smooth.

To make your own only, you need the following:

2 cups sugar
½ cup coconut oil
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil (or sunflower oil)
15-20  drops essential oil for scent

Melt the coconut oil, and add the olive oil and sugar mixing well. Then, add the essential oil to the mixture.

After mixing everything together, store in a sealed container.

This makes a fair portion that is likely to last you a month or more. There was enough to fill two of these little jars and still have a little left.


The little scoop on the side of the jar is perfect for getting the right portion and reaching the scrub at the bottom. I kinda want to go to Hobby Lobby (where my mom bought the jar above) and add an additional jar by the bathroom sink. Lemon scent by the kitchen sink and lavender in the bathroom, sounds heavenly to me. Not to mention, it’s a nice treat for your guests. Hey, you might even want to gift it (wink, wink).

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