Dog Days of Winter

Ryan and I like to keep our blog updated in real time. Most of what we share is exactly what we are doing at that moment or just finished. As fun as it is for us to share the growth of our homestead as it’s unfolding, it also means that we can get thrown off course when life’s hiccups interrupt our flow.

We have the blog schedule planned through the end of the year and are pretty stoked about the fun things coming your way. Seemingly all should be going swimmingly, but really things are topsy-turvy. Now, we don’t know what projects or writing will get done at the moment.Sweet-Ellie-Dog

Our Ellie dog has become unthinkably sick for roughly a week and a half. It’s been about that long since we’ve seen her eat or drink anything significant on her own terms. She has had an IV going for days giving her meds and fluids. Now, a feeding tube has been placed in through her neck. It’s crushing us to see her this way. We thought it might be Lyme disease (it wasn’t), then we started thinking it was pancreatitis (turns out it wasn’t). After a few days at the vet and being admitted to a hospital,  we are still trying to figure it out. All we know is that she is fighting off some type of infection.


While we continue to try to handle whatever it is that’s attacking her body and gear up for Christmas madness, things might be light around here… We will still be sharing posts, but they will likely be spaced out more than usual. Womp womp.

If you don’t know Ellie you can get to know her from the day we adopted her here. This girl came into our home and stole everyone’s heart with her loving, loyal ways.

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