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Easter, naturally delicious

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to spend with my family. My mom would do what most moms do: buy my sister and I something special and sweet to be worn just on that day. Church seemed more alive on Easter Sunday than other Sundays. One of my fondest memories from my childhood is getting up before sunrise and having a special morning service and breakfast with other church members. After church, it was game on. Every year there were two pretty little girls having a hunting war big ole time finding eggs and their Easter baskets (the biggest surprise of all). There was some serious competition, even from an early age. We have a family video in North Dakota where I (age 2 or 3) may or may not have tried to gain an advantage by taking eggs from my sister’s basket as she continued to hunt. We have carried on this competition for years…


Many years have passed since those days, and now that we have families of our own, it’s been a long time since we were all together for the holiday (we have lived in different states for several years). My sister and her husband have two beautiful boys, and well, we have the Kearney cat (the sweetest fur baby one can ask for).

Happy Easter!

So, it’s time for new traditions. Since I will no longer eat 98% of the delicious treats of an Easter basket, I have been on the hunt for healthier alternatives. Our future children don’t know what they will be getting into. I have already been collecting healthy and natural strategies to go about celebrating once our family grows beyond fur babies.

In true modern fashion, I’ve pinned them on our ‘celebrate naturally’ board on Pinterest. Here are a few things I have in mind thus far. Coconut covered dates? Yes, but of course. The organic suckers and other candies that I found here also have me intrigued. As much as it is missed in our house, marshmallows were given the boot. I don’t eat anything with gelatin (another animal byproduct), but with a vegetarian gelatin substitute, I would be all over making my own. Like the ones I found here. The kids will love it….

Who could forget the classic staple of egg dyeing? Here is a cool site dyeing naturally and incorporating nature. I plan on trying this out next year (kids or no kids). We don’t plan to buy eggs from a store and hopefully not the farmers market either. I have a dream that our kids will be going out to their own family coop and grabbing eggs from loved happy chickens.


Some pretty spring tulips for eye candy.

Easter naturally delicious

Speaking of eggs….deviled eggs, every holiday needs them. 100 Days of Real Food just shared her recipe here. Her recipe does contain sour cream. If you are like me, you may be avoiding dairy, so you might want to give this recipe a go. Let me say for a once in the blue moon kind of thing, I would be all over the first recipe.

We wanted to share this on Easter day initially, but with the recipes and fun DIY eggs, we couldn’t wait. So with nothing more, from our family (bunny cat Kearney cat too) to yours, Happy Easter (early)!





Shout out to our man Kearney for putting up with us… just wait until you see Santa cat.

little-bunny-catBunny. Out.

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    April 17, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Eggs from your own coop are way better. Richer, more vibrant yolk, and creamier. Love them.

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