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easy diy worm factory rolling base

Many years ago, while living in Massachusetts, we made the decision to test our feet in the wonderful world of vermicomposting. Because our winters are always cold, we needed an indoor setup. When I started looking around at different vermicompost setups, I went after something that would look nice enough and efficiently use a small space. I happily landed on the Worm Factory and have not looked back. Ever since, our worms have tackled everything we throw at them.

red wiggler vermicompost

Every time I rotate trays to harvest some of the finished compost, I carry the Worm Factory outside because it can make a little mess. It’s always pretty cumbersome carrying it through the house, and I have long desired a remedy. When the base of the Worm Factory began to split and break apart, I knew just what to do.


With a little bit of scrap lumber we had in the shed, I pieced together a quick and easy base on wheels that makes life so much easier. Here’s how I did it:


 DIY Worm Factory rolling base


2×4 scrap lumber
4 heavy duty casters
wood screws

Start out by removing the base from your worm bin. Then, measure the base. My base measured out at 14″ by 13.75″. Always measure twice to verify (especially if you have an overly interested pup helping you out).

measure worm factory for worm bin base

Cut two pieces at 14” in length. Cut two more pieces at 13.75” in length (or the lengths you measure).

Lay out the pieces with the two longer boards laid on top of the smaller boards. Square the corners up, and drill in two wood screws at each corner where the boards overlap.

construction worm factory wheeled base

This is completely optional, but I decided to fill in the void between the two pieces on top. I cut two small blocks to fill the gaps and screwed them in with one wood screw at each end.

worm factory base

Finally, flip the base over. Attach one heavy duty caster to each corner with wood screws.


Flip the base back over. Now, line the collection tray corners up with the base. Attach it by drilling two wood screws on opposite corners. Reassemble the Worm Factory spigot, add the stacking trays, and you are done.


For the cost of four casters and some screws, I now have a solid base for the Worm Factory that allows me to easily roll it outside for clean outs. I wish I had built this long ago!

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