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As we left off in the Stinnett story, we were sharing how the newlyweds, Tyler and Chastin, gave us the keys to their truck. Immediately, we were thinking up ways to utilize having the truck while we had one in the driveway.

The whole week was flooded out, but luckily mother nature let up on the rain for one day. It just so happened to be a Saturday. Ryan and I had no choice but to swap a day in the garden for a day using the truck. Recently, we had rented a truck to pick up newly purchased couch and futon. We were determined to buy a few more large pieces while conditions were right. Ryan scouted upcoming estate sales in the area and made note of those with items we’d want for the office, garden, and particularly a dresser for the bedroom.

We got up early to make the first estate sale and allow us time to get to the other sales at a decent hour. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, all the good stuff. The first house set the tone for the day when we scored a long nine drawer dresser we have need for too long.


I was able to talk the price down a bit making it that much sweeter of a find. We love the style, but the paint choice, on the other hand, isn’t really us. Expect an update down the road.

As we were loading it, we couldn’t help but joke about the just married written on the back of the truck and how nice it would be to get a special newlywed deal. That didn’t happen, but the people working the sale did praise Ryan for having such a strong wife to help him move the dresser. That was enough for me.

During the time we were securing the dresser with rope, we were told congratulations a number of times for having just been married. We laughed, thanked them, and tried to clear up the confusion that the truck was borrowed.

The next house we stopped at held our garden treasures. We bought garden tools and a number of plant stands. The buyers high was just beginning. With such great deals and finds it was easy to see how people get hooked on estate sales.


Our third stop was the highlight of the day. It was the home of an older man who had passed away. It gave the sale a different feeling than the rest. As we looked through his garage filled with hundreds of work tools, it painted a picture of a man who enjoyed the outdoors and liked spending time in his garage working on all kinds of projects. Ryan quickly found a number of tools, and then, almost simultaneously we eyed the record player playing Pink Floyd. This was a dream since Ryan and I have been wanting to fix an old record player of his parents. This one wasn’t only working,  but it had all the bells and whistles.


For $50, the turntable, stereo, and two speakers were ours. It was the steal of the day. We spent a total of $75 there and walked out with more than we could carry. That’s all our stuff on the holding table minus the fabric on the corner. I am strangely drawn to the broom, I straight-up love it.


At this point the truck was full both in the bed and the cab. Though, that didn’t stop us from hitting one last sale on our list. The last estate sale had been going on for a couple hours when we arrived, but we figured that there might be some good stuff leftover since it was located in one of the upscale neighborhoods. We weren’t wrong. We found a flower pot that matched a larger one Ryan’s dad had given him just a couple weeks prior and a sweet new laundry basket. We spent a total of $10 for both.


I was on a total shoppers high, I wanted to keep going but the truck was completely full. My lap and feet space included. So we called it a day and high tailed it home to break in our new things. The record player hasn’t had a day off since we got it. Clearly, we are all enjoying it.


As luck would have it, no pallets were scored this week, so we are back to getting them home one by one in the car. What we didn’t accomplish in pallets, we made up for in other areas. It’s made for one inspired house.

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