fall wedding at fillauer lake house

October 18th was a day packed full of all things awesome. The Homestead ATL had two workshops to drool over (tiny homes and aquaponics), we were invited to a party and a Zoetic dance performance, my parents celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary, we celebrated one year in Atlanta, and two of our good friends got married. I think I am missing a few things, but seriously, every time something came up we braced ourselves to hear the date. I wish we could have done it all…especially the weddings. When we got the second wedding invitation in the mail, I reread the time and date over and over. If only we could really be in two places at the same time. (Here is the beautiful backyard wedding we missed.)

But this isn’t a post about us, it’s about the gorgeous wedding we attended and all the rustic, elegant, sentimental, and handmade details that made their day something to be admired.

From the moment we pulled onto the road that Fillauer lake house sits on, we were in awe. After driving along the lake, passing by the canoe, and going over the bridge where someone was waiting to direct parking, we knew we were in for a treat. The sun broke through the ever so slightly changing leaves perfectly. The venue felt like you were stepping away into a simpler time, as if time were standing still just for this moment.


As you walked to the ceremony (held in the front lawn), you passed by their first handmade sign. “Pick a seat not a side, we’re all family once the knot is tied.”


From there, they had double antique doors (that Sarah’s dad actually made her!) opened for a more defined entrance. They were closed and reopened before she walked down the aisle. Beside the entrance was an adorable framed photo of the stunning couple. Love this ‘guest book’ idea.


During the ceremony, Brian and Sarah did the vase with sand. I had seen this before, but their touch on this trend was a tear jerker. As they each declared their love for the other, sand was slowly poured individually. Brian did pink and Sarah, blue. While the officiant spoke, they both poured their sand into the same funnel as the officiant guided it to make a design.


When the ceremony was over, we all headed to the barn for the reception.


I was eating up every last detail this venue had to offer (had we been locals planning a wedding, this would have been our place of choice). From the old tub holding ferns to all the vintage decor on the outside and inside. Sarah told me this was the first and last place they looked at for their special day. Who could blame her?

Once inside the barn you were swept away by the lavish chandelier, draped white sashes, and sparkling bistro lights.


It wasn’t just the visuals that took you over when you came through the door, the cupcakes that Brian’s sister-in-law made filled the air with caramel goodness.


Ryan could hardly wait to try one of each. He said he had been hearing about them for too long and that they were said to be out of this world. And they did not disappoint. The groom’s cake was something to note as well. Sarah’s cousin, Angela, made a cake that looked like the old Ford truck Brian has restored. The back window says ‘just married’ and there was a little bumper-sticker on the tailgate that read ‘Brian loves Sarah.’ It was too sweet.


Once we sat down, I was instantly drawn to the centerpieces. The mason jars wrapped in burlap and lace  were filled with artificial wheat grass and money plant/silver dollar from just outside the bride’s own home. While we are talking flowers, her bouquet and boutonnieres came from Kroger (Off North Shore for you Knoxville ladies. Ask for Kim!), you would have never guessed.


Another handmade piece by the crafty couple- this sign that invited you to join the photo booth fun.


I caught some shots of the gorgeous bride and wedding party in action before being pulled in myself.


Is it me or should every event have a photo booth?

We ended the night cutting a rug. I really can’t help myself, particularly when my mother-in-law is around. After, we grabbed our wedding favor, a little bag with a pine cone fire starter that read ‘let love warm your heart’ (Sarah’s mom was the master behind this) and matches with the couples name and wedding date, we were set to see the sweet couple off.


There is something about these two that I just eat up. I swear you can just feel their love radiating. They are always so attentive to one another and their day was an eloquent expression of that.


Psst, looking for more budget savvy ideas? Check out my friend, Jessica, The Budget Savvy Bride.

Update: This just in – Brian and Sarah sold the doors they made to the venue and photo booth sign to their photographer, shwing!

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    Sarah Fogarty
    October 23, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    This is so sweet!! I love that you loved our wedding! We spent a lot of time and put a lot of thought into everything and it’s so nice for the little things to be noticed. I can’t thank everyone who helped enough because I couldn’t have done this alone. It’s so special that you took the time to blog about our day and I can’t wait to share it with all my family!!! Love you guys! ~The bride

    • Reply
      this natural dream
      October 23, 2014 at 9:40 pm

      The devil really is in the details. You all made it look effortless and brought everything together seamlessly. We love that you enjoy the post! Loads of Love right back!



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