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First Baby Shower- Tears And All


There is something incredibly moving about a group of people coming together to show love for someone they don’t even know. This weekend that love was directed towards our little bean. I don’t know if it is because we longed for this child for so long or if it is the hormones pumping through my system, but I was on the brink of a happy-tear-meltdown the entire day. I said it a hundred times the day of our baby shower and I’ll say it again, the support and love shown to us as and our little girl on the way will be forever cherished.

Y’all, I couldn’t even get to the door without welling up. The banner used at our gender reveal had been changed from “baby Ball” to “baby Lula” and was set in my parents’ front yard to welcome guests as they arrived. The teddy bear sitting in a rocking chair that my grandpa built when I was little was more than I could take. The bear seems like just a cute touch to the scene, but it actually hits straight to the heart. My dad bought a bear when I was born and it (he) quickly became my friend favorite toy growing up. Because the bear (Ted) became so important to me, my dad made it a tradition to gift all of his grandchildren a bear. Now, Lula is getting one of her very own. If she is as OCD as me, she is going to be pretty upset when that white plush bear gets dirty for the first time.


Upon walking through the door, the same chalkboard that was once filled with my pregnancy symptoms, now shared a greeting to family and friends arriving at our baby shower. Beside the chalkboard sign was homemade soap my mom made for favors and a special book my sister had picked out for all the guests to write a little something. Not only is the story in the book moving, but to open it to messages of love had me reaching for the tissues.


Note how my mom has the soap individually wrapped in paper that reads “from Kristyn’s shower to yours.” The lady oozes creativity.


Even though this party was being thrown by a really good friend, my sister, and my mom; I was worried about keeping the party cost down. Thankfully, the largest cost was for food since they were reusing many of the decorations from our reveal and wedding. I love that the wedding cake stands my parents built with limber from my late grandpa have been used in so many special events. I have a tendency to take our wedding style and use it in other major events we have, i.e. gender reveal and baby shower. (Thanks for another awesome cake, mom!)


I wasn’t the only one reusing sentimental decor that has maintained taste through the years. My friend, Ashley, borrowed a fabric banner from her sister that she had made. It turned into an elegant background for gift opening and the colors actually echoed tones we want to incorporate in the nursery.


These women had surprises for me around every corner. The soap favors, unique and meaningful guest book, an old window decorated for our moms to hang baby pictures, and blocks for everyone to decorate was just a sliver of their efforts.


Ashley’s son was a gentleman and made sure the blocks were suitable for his future main squeeze. We like to talk as if our little ones are destined to be together. Even if it doesn’t happen they will certainly be friends for life. Ashley’s husband, Josh, has been friends with Ryan since they were less than a year old. Naturally we hope our kids will follow in their footsteps.


The surprises didn’t stop with baby shower decorations. I loved the thoughtfulness behind each and every gift, but there were some that sent me over the edge of emotion. In full disclosure, I cried days before the shower just thinking of people caring about our daughter coming into this world and supporting us becoming parents. So when I opened a gift from my sister only to find a personalized blanket she had made to mimic our blog header, I lost it. I became a sobbing mess thanking everyone for coming and all that was being done.


Combining our passion and dreams with the miracle that is our daughter by having her name in place of This Natural Dream was so creative!

Are you seeing the same running theme here? Our first baby shower was full of sentiment, DIY and pregnant lady tears. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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