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We recently celebrated our first year of blogging. For us, that has meant 127 posts with an average of 3 posts a week. It was January 2013 that we started talking about blogging. We would just be digging working away at Ryan’s parent’s place talking about the future. By February 2014, we had a name selected for our blog, a domain, and a theme. We have been a blogging machine ever since. All along the way there were meetings, brainstorm sessions, countless lists of hardware and seeds, and endless dreaming.

We’ve logged more garden posts than we could keep track of and have taken on an array of topics. Thus, we thought it might be fun to recap by asking each other these five questions:

1. Favorite Project?
His Answer: DIY clothesline. Not only has this project saved us money, but it continuously brings a smile to our faces. Seriously, sometimes we just stand back and smile at a job well done and a nod to the simpler times.


Her Answer: Wattle fence. This was just a fun project. I enjoyed working on ‘my guns’ cutting up sticks and reaping the garden security of the finished product.

2.Biggest Success?
His and Her Answer: Double digging. Y’all, we can’t say enough about what double digging has done for our gardens. We saw improvement in beneficial insect life. Planting was made easier, and the plants were wicked thankful over all the loose soil for roots to grow deep.


3. Best Harvest?
His Answer: Okra. It’s a soft spot for him. Okra is a nostalgic vegetable for Ryan and a signature dish of his. I didn’t eat okra until Ryan cooked it for me. It’s a similar story with his spinach.
Her Answer: Tomatillos. Bottom line, I really just enjoyed picking them. These little balls of goodness are a cinch to preserve and make delicious salsa. I was so sad the day we called the season over and cut down the tomatillo stalks to make room for the next planting round/season.


4. Favorite Food/Preservation?
His Answer: Pickled watermelon rind. This unique treat was something we loved to share with friends. Plus, it was a recipe from a time when people were using all of the edible parts and disregarding only what was necessary.
Her Answer: Pickles. I really liked growing the cucumbers to make the pickles, and really loved inhaling diving into a jar or five. The picture below is my impression of the Vlasic stork.


5. Biggest Life Change?
His and Her Answer: Making, not buying. When I first asked myself this question, cutting Target popped in my head. It was a big change, but not an inconvenience. Instead, we agreed almost simultaneously that making so many of our daily products instead of buying them was by far our biggest change and improvement of the year. We are definitely no strangers to throwing something on Netflix and making a beauty product or two. We weren’t just whipping up things like deodorant and lotion bars,  but we were making laundry detergent and the all mighty thieves all purpose cleaning spray. I love that we do these things together, I mean, my man makes his own hair gel– swoon. How did we find each other?

These were our top picks, here are your all’s top 5 posts from our first year (in order):

  1. coconut oil face wash
  2. come on in! (kitchen island – ikea hack)
  3. DIY clothesline tutorial
  4. carpenter bees simple DIY trap

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