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We don’t usually keep things from you. I would say we are more of over sharers. Alright, maybe it’s more me than Ryan. Anyhow, we have been on a week long vacation trailing up and down the coasts of Florida. (We literally pulled in the driveway at 4:40 a.m. this morning.) We made a road trip out of vacationing in Key West with some of Ryan’s side of the family. And now that we are home, we can’t wait to over share fill you in.


The trip was mapped out so we could hit some of the major cities along the gulf side. Plus, we could see if we would ever want to make them vacation destinations in the future. We decided to take the Tamiami Highway from Tampa through the Everglades to Homestead. It gave us a much better feel for the areas and provided an eye opening drive through some of the most scenic landscapes in Florida. Happy eyes for sure.

We left Atlanta Saturday morning and drove to Tampa where we landed for the first night of our trip. The following day we went roaming and getting a taste of the city. Some of the highlights were visiting the Tampa Downtown Market and the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park.



The Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is a Florida ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) award winner. Longtime member himself, Ryan filled me in on this fun fact. I love this mid-sentence shot of him looking sharp studying the scape.



Aside from the farmers market and the many unique landscapes we stumbled upon, the wind is what stood out the most. Perhaps it was because of my lunch mishap. We picked up a quick bite at Taco Bus, and when Ryan took the last taco off my plate, it flipped over. While I was cleaning that small mess, I spilled a full drink all over my lap. Below is a picture Ryan took just before things got a little topsy turvy and embarrassing. (You’ll have to excuse his thumb in the corner.)


We ended our time in Tampa with Ryan making a site visit to a potential client’s home. After filling an entire memory card with photos and taking in the view of the ocean front property, we hit the road headed south.


Naturally, we had to stop at various plant nurseries along the way. Let me tell ya, there was quite a bit of oohing and aahing coming out of us. For me, it was when I saw my first orange growing on a tree. Ryan loved the the diverse and thriving orchids. The further south we got, the more in awe we were of the plant life. We were eating it up and not just figuratively speaking. There is a lot more plant talk where this came from.


With a leisurely day behind us, we ended our second night seeing the sunset in Sarasota.


We called it an early night grabbing a local pizza and getting our blog on. Just look at yawny mcyawnsters burning the midnight oil.


The next morning we struck gold, in a This Natural Dream kinda way, but we saved that for you here.

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