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Folding Clothes For Better Organization

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We’ve all been there, dresser drawers busting at the seams and a struggle to close. Clothes you would wear otherwise have become lost at the back of your drawer or under things you wear more regularly. Maybe you avoid the mayhem all together and never dare to ever open said drawer.


I was ready to go through my clothes (yet again) for another Goodwill haul when I saw a professional organizer on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She had a way of folding clothes where they stood upright on their own. Now I can’t say I have that magic touch, but I can mimic her folding technique and move mountains in an unruly dresser drawer.

I organized all of my drawers and half of Ryan’s before deciding that I had to share this simple way of folding clothes with you guys. I considered undoing my worst drawer to use as an example in this post but just couldn’t bring myself to it. I can however show you the aftermath of organizing a drawer that used to be a nightmare.


After I got this drawer under control again, I didn’t even have to get rid of anything. Now, if I want to add something else… that’s a different story. I’ll be in a one in one out situation. You all want to see a sock drawer with this magic sprinkled over it? Shebang!


It looks the sharpest with the drawer completely full. It’s a big difference nevertheless. Now, all socks can be seen at one time. Ryan’s undershirts were the last to take on. To fully close this drawer, I had to push his shirts in and quickly move my fingers out of the way so I didn’t smash them in the process (as pictured above). Here’s the before…


And after… This drawer now closes with ease each time!

folding clothes for organized drawers

Different articles of clothing are folded in different ways, yet follow a similar method. The main objective is to fold each article into itself in a way that lets it (if you’re lucky) stand on its own. This is how a t-shirt is folded. It can be used as a loose guide for organizing every dresser drawer.

First, lay the shirt flat face down.


Then take one side and fold it in until you reach the neck. To make the finale product wrinkle-free and as tight as possible, fold the sleeve back over the first fold. Repeat this step with the other side of the shirt.



Fold the top of the shirt over until the sleeves are flat underneath.


Take the end of the shirt and fold it as far over the top as it will reach without bending the neck.


To finish, fold the end in halfway. (Sometime I adjust this fold mark to make a tighter finished product.) Then fold the top over the bottom one last time.



It should look something like this.


Place all folded articles in the drawer with the open side down. If you are as good as the professional, it will stand on its own. I secretly… not so secretly like the challenge. The clean freak inside of me actually really enjoyed taking the time to organize our drawers. Sadly, thanks to this fail proof folding technique, it might be one of the last times I get to indulge in this geeky joy.

More spacious organized drawers are just one perk to this folding clothes this way. Other bonuses include seeing everything at once, prints are face up, and it makes packing a lot easier. With everything folded nice and tight I have saved an immense amount of space in my suitcase. I couldn’t be more excited to find the time to get our daughter’s clothes perfectly folded away in her own drawers. I’m sure I’ll be cheesing it the entire time. But who am I kidding? There’s likely to be a happy tear or two imagining our baby in each adorable outfit before it’s all said and done.

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