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This weekend was filled with family and all things garden. While Ryan was in Asheville getting his bachelor party on, I was indulging in some quality time celebrating our nephew, Logan, turning the big two.


Logan is a big fruit lover, so I couldn’t wait for him to try our dehydrated mango. He loved it, but maybe not as much as his cake.


My sister and her husband bought their house earlier in the spring, giving them just enough time to get a garden growing in the already existing beds. Banana peppers have been the gift that keeps giving for them. It’s not surprising with all the direct sun and marigolds planted in just about every available space in between. Thanks to this old gardener’s trick they haven’t had any insect issues this summer.


Banana peppers weren’t the only thing in abundance at her place. She has oodles of basil so she sent many of us packing with our very own starts. And on a total side note, My sister and brother-in-law have fallen for comfrey just the same as us. They discovered its magic healing wonders while dealing with itchy poison ivy.

basilBack at my parents, Ryan and I got to drool over the pallet projects they have going on. (We need a truck, there are no two ways about it..) My dad spent Sunday afternoon working outside stacking wood and building a compost bin out of pallets. Lucky for us we were able to catch a glimpse of what the finished product will look like.

pallet-compostMy mom is finally getting her compost started. The only thing that might make her more excited than this compost frame, is her chicken coop. I have to admit, I can hardly wait myself. Chickens! (Insert girly shrills here.) If you had told me years ago that I would spend my mid-twenty’s dreaming about getting chickens, pigs, and goats; I don’t know if I would believe you. I definitely never imagined blogging all along the way.

I suspect we aren’t the only family sharing nature’s bounty, all giddy over one another’s DIY success.

Pssst, wondering how Ryan’s Asheville trip went? We’ll have more on his foraging ventures and purchases next time.

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