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Peaches, you can’t live in Atlanta, or Georgia for that matter, without reading, hearing, or eating peaches. Come on now, there are 71 streets in Atlanta with Peachtree in the name. If only peach trees actually lined those streets, then we’d be talking.

For weeks I couldn’t talk about peaches with out bursting into this song… and then this song

Over the last few months, we have totally given in to the peach craze. (They practically had to twist our arms, please…) When Ryan and I got married, we were still living in the north. While on our honeymoon in Charleston, we made a few GA stops (Savannah and of course a peach stop) on our way back to Knoxville where we were married and where Kearney was waiting for us to pick him up to head back to Massachusetts. Since then, we have traded those delicious New England apples for Georgia peaches.

Ryan’s folks came for their first visit, and they had to jump on the peach train too. Who am I kidding, Ryan’s mom could be the conductor, she loves peach everything. They came at the beginning of the season, so we took them to one of the local farmers market to pick up a couple bags of the sweet, delicious, and rather messy treats.


Another new favorite, One Screw Loose. They make jellies using local and in season ingredients, and are at most farmers markets (if not all). You’ll find a table with a barrage of different flavors and they’re always changing. (Ryan and I have been caught sampling a time or two…) It takes a talented team to come up with some of the crazy and delicious flavors like Brew Ha-Habenero (IPA beer and habeneros).


We turned to One Screw Loose when we were sending a house warming gift to our good friends in MA. We wanted to package a little taste of the south, so along with some peaches, we picked up some jelly, Jacked Up (GA peaches and pecans and TN whiskey). We got word the peaches survived the venture. I hope they liked the unique jelly as much as we did.

We are in the middle of the season now, and the famers markets are getting a little more peachy. The market in our neighborhood had their 4th annual Peach Jam last week. They had 20 of Atlanta’s best mixologist compete for the best peach cocktail in the south… and we missed it! It ended up raining that night and we chose garden, blog, and other things on the to-do list, instead.

It was an easier choice to make knowing Grant park was having their annual Peach Jam cobbler contest just a few days later.


The sun was shinning and the market was p-a-c-k-e-d. Judges were given their time to sample and do their judge thing. Then, it was a free for all for the rest of us, or something like that. Tickets were $2 and they bought you a sample, $12 got you a sample for each. With our ticket in hand we carefully picked the one we wanted to try.


Our pick was Cinnamon Cardamon Ginger Cobbler . With the crisp topping, it was a no-brainer for me. There were a few that intrigued us, but it seems I can never say, “no” to a good crisp. Ryan had his eye on the bourbon peach cobblers, but it seems his crisp topping cravings were just as strong.

This market had it all going on. Mixed into the bustling market was this week’s great chef’s demo,


and this guy.

On occasion, Ryan and I like to grab breakfast and find a spot in the park for devotions. Whether it be at the Grant Park Cafe’ that is located near by or something straight from the market. It was a hot day, so we were thinking today was finally the day that we try Atlanta’s King of Pops.


The pops we had were bomb. Now, I must try more flavors!


We had hoped to be around when the winner was announced, but gardens (and mulching) were calling our name. We were positive the winner would be announced on Grant parks Facebook page, and they were.


Turns out we weren’t the only ones with a cinnamon itch. Our girl won! Check our her site here. She even has the winning recipe posted. Crisp toppings for everyone!

Wonder what other peachy things we’ll be getting into before the season’s over?

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