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The wait is over. Fall prep is in full swing and we are ready to share and hopefully inspire you to get a fall garden going. One thing we have noticed, is when spring comes around everyone is sharing their gardens. Big or small, one plant in a pot, or a freshly dug bed, most everyone has something going on. But what about the fall?

There is still so much you can grow. We made a short list here with other basic ground rules for prepping the bed, and an equation for when to plant various crops.

Ready or not, we are headed back in the garden. First moves we made, were getting various seeds started in plant trays. Look at our little babies growing up on us.

new-seedlings-fall-2014We have also been doing a little rearranging of sorts. You know the trellis we built last spring? It has been moved to the other side of our “L” bed where it will get more sunlight. The bed was amended with a little bit of our home compost, mixed with gold composted cow manure. Thanks to our double digging last spring, this was a low maintenance easy bed to rejuvenate.

trellis-relocationfall-garden-prepmulching-the-new-fall-bedThis bed wasn’t completely finished running its warm season course, so we actually dug up the kale and replanted them in a refreshed bed. Rows of arugula and lettuce were planted in the shadier areas.

fall-garden-in-GAOn the other side of this bed (where the trellis is now placed), we left everything intact for the most part. Our broccoli is still kicking it and of course the kale has not moved. We planted spinach but it doesn’t seem like they want to do too much in this shady corner.

switching-up-the-gardenThen, we hit the backyard bed and looked at this full house garden bed one last time.

garden-messIt’s hard to believe this bed once looked like this. After wrangling some fussy tomatoes a time or two, we decided to call it a day and pull them out instead of taking steps to extend their season. Taking out tomatoes that had already given us their best, allowed our peppers to get more light, and room to plant our little seedlings.

the-okra-stands-aloneokra-and-peppersWe are cutting it close but barely skirted in just in time to get our fall garden in full swing. No thanks to this adorable catnip fiend. kearney-cat-kicked-back

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