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Giving Thanks For Our Gardens

With Thanksgiving in the rear view, we haven’t stopped giving thanks just to friends and family, we have been reflecting on the year in the garden as well. This past year has been one of many highs and lows in the garden. We definitely dealt with some failures but still had many garden blessings come our way. We couldn’t be more thankful for all the blooms and bounty of the growing season this year. These are some of the many things we are thankful to have done in the garden this year.

Growing keeper crops.

Even in our warm southern climate, there aren’t a ton of vegetables coming in through the late fall and winter. Because sweet potatoes are so easy to grow, we flooded our Knoxville bed with them in addition to a handful that we planted in our Atlanta home gardens. While those gardens were decimated by rabbits, the rest flourished safe within our bamboo fence. Now we are enjoying tons of homegrown sweet potatoes. This Thanksgiving Kristyn and I were able to make a large sweet potato casserole and a sweet potato pie hardly making a dent into our mountain of sweet potatoes. It was special for us to bring our hard work from the summer season to the table for our family to share.
growing sweet potatoes

Seed catalogs.

This is the time of year that seed catalogs for next year start rolling in. With the level of work in the garden decreasing, it allows us time to reflect on the past season and plan out the future garden. What better time to peruse all those catalogs and pick out everything you need (or just want) for next year. I’m always excited to find the latest Annie’s or Sow True Seed catalogs in the mailbox.

Having a truck in the driveway.

It may sound like a broken record by now, but we are so excited for many bigger projects to be possible now. I am dorkishly happy about being able to get truckloads of compost, topsoil, and manure. Our gardens will soon love the truck as much as we do. The knowledge that we can tote large items that our beloved Corolla just couldn’t take on just doesn’t get old to us.

The falling leaves.

Yes, we may not be totally looking forward to raking up all those leaves (again). So it may be a bit crazy that I am thankful for all those leaves especially when they shade out so much of our yard the rest of the year. All I can see is mountains of rich compost in the near future. If our gardens had a thankful list, compost would be #1.


Growing perennial crops.

We have worked on adding more and more perennial crops to our little homestead. In the next year, we will be harvesting our first asparagus, rhubarb, lemons, and maybe even a few figs. Plus, we will be (hopefully) drowning in more established and happier raspberries, alpine strawberries, and sunchokes. Our list is already long for all of next year’s additions. We won’t be satisfied until we have plants growing in every square inch… The obsession is real.

jerusalem artichokes sunchokes blooming

There are so many reasons to constantly be thankful for all that our gardens give back to us. The rewards seem to be always increasing. May next year bring us many more reasons for giving thanks.

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