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growing a christmas tree from the ground up

It’s that time of year again when towns and cities alike are lighting up streets and trees with colorful decor and sparkling lights. Odds are the same magic is exploding within the walls of your home. Folks are pulling out totes full of glitter and holiday fuss. Many are scoping out lots full of lush green trees hoping to find the perfect tree to call their own and fill their home with the fresh scents of Christmas.


For a lot of people, the tree is what makes the holiday. Everyone has their own tree traditions that make it extra special. At Ryan’s house, it comes down to hanging the ornaments. It was something he and his mom did together growing up. Later, it was something she and I did together while she told me stories of moments tied to special ornaments.

As a young family, we are trying to find ways to add tradition and create memorable moments for ourselves. At first, we thought we would go with last year’s plan of picking the perfect live tree and adding it to the compost after the holiday, but as this Christmas season rolled around, the thought of seeking out our tree felt daunting. Not to mention, we were wanting to get the most bang for our buck. We like the idea of getting a real tree that could be planted after Christmas, but as you know, we are only renting.


We were in the midst of figuring things out, when we realized our Christmas tree was already right under our noses. (If you follow us on Facebook, you might recall the announcing the latest member to our green family.) I must have known this little guy was destined for greatness because I documented his purchase.


After its full figure and soft texture captured my attention, this year’s Christmas tree was bought from Ikea.  As luck would have it, a worker was putting new plants out while we were selecting our Norfolk Island Pine tree, so we got the freshest of fresh.


When we got home, Ryan re-potted our new friend in what we call the family pot. This was a specially selected contain for feng shui purposes that we started years ago in the duplex.  With a swirled design that we have always found ourselves drawn to, it is a meaningful pot for many reasons. (You’ll find the same swirled design on our wedding cake.)


Here is our Norfolk in all his Christmas glory. Makes my heart happy.

christmas-tree-2014 Thanks to our LED light strand, limbs drying out isn’t as much of a concern. Though if it was, we would find ourselves misting from time to time.

ball-christmas-tree-2014He’s little now, but Norfolk Island Pine trees actually grow to a substantial size- every year there will be a little more tree to decorate. We thought it might be fun to step outside the norm and create a unique tradition. Not only is our tree in the family pot, it is literally going to be our family tree, something we will nourish and dote on all year long.

little-tree-loveWhat are some of your favorite traditions? Are you shaking things up this year?

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