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Holiday Gift Guide: Natural Living Wish List

We’re back with another round of gift ideas. This time we have gathered gifts for those embracing the natural side of life. Live a little greener in style with one of these seven ideas from our natural living wish list.

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Natural Makeup


I’ve been looking into both Juice Beauty and Honest Beauty for all-natural, organic makeup. Each time I apply my L’Oreal powder foundation I hear the quote “your skin is the body’s biggest sponge and absorbs everything we apply” echo in my head. (I’m pretty sure I heard this from a OC housewife, but I know it’s true.)We enjoy a frugal life style, so for me, going from paying $8 to $30 is a big jump. I’m still confident it will be worth it to save my body from uncertain chemicals. A gift from one of these lines is sure to make a girl feel beautiful and spoiled.

Beeswax Wrap


Say goodbye to wasteful plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags, and say hello to reusable beeswax wraps. They are self-adhesive and are durable enough to last a year. When washed in cold water, it actually hardens and washes like a plate. Just place it on a drying rack to dry and you’re ready to use it again and again. The cloth allows food to breath, keeping it fresher longer and better tasting. It can even be used for up to a month in the freezer. I’ll take one in every size, please.

Weck Jars

weck-jarsWeck jars aren’t just pleasing to the eye, they have many benefits over common mason jars (such as a much longer life). These jars are easily opened without the use of a jar opener and the glass lids won’t rust. The jar’s wider mouths create easy access to the goodness inside and allow for easy cleanup. Even more, they are stack-able for convenient storage. Consider Weck Jars on my list every year.

Cuppow Lids


Cuppow lids are made with recycled and safe materials that are dishwasher safe. Since using Cuppow in our house, we have eliminated all other travel mugs. After daily use for well over a year, our lids remain in like-new condition and have never affected the flavor of our beverages. That is something I can’t say is true for any travel mug we’ve owned. At such a reasonable price, it’s easy to get sucked in and find other accessories like the great lunchbox adapters to add to your cart. If I found Cuppow in my stocking, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Compost Crock


Can one ever have enough compost crocks? Ours seems to always be filled to the gills and overflows into less desirable plastic kitchen storage bowls, especially after making a big meal. An attractive crock would make a great gift for a composting friend. Help keep the mess to a minimum with the compostable liners. This leek-proof, odor-free compost crock is officially on my wish list. It’s something nice enough that I wouldn’t mind even keeping in the kitchen.

Merkur Safety Razor

Merkur 1904 Double Edge Safety Razor

After years of paying way too much for razors that left his skin plagued with razor burn and bumps, Ryan searched high and low for something better. The double edge safety razor has become his favorite. Nothing shaves as good or consistent as a safety razor. They are much more economical (less than 25 cents per blade) and even reduce environmental impact. The Merkur 1904 Safety Razor is one of the best double edge razors out there. They are truly built to last a lifetime. It was modeled after the original double edge razor introduced by Gillette in 1904. Any guy that lathers up daily, will appreciate this gift day after day.

Chemex Coffee Potchemex-coffeemaker

If you have a coffee lover in need of a brewing upgrade, the Chemex is the perfect gift. It doesn’t require electricity to operate and the reusable filters cut back on waste. It costs significantly less than most automatic coffee makers, particularly those that make a truly great cup of joe. For the perfect cup of coffee each time the Chemex is the way to go. We have a more in-depth post on this eye-catching coffee carafe here.

Bonus: Gift of Learning

Is there somewhere in your community offering lessons on unique trades? Here in Atlanta, you can find workshops with Preserving Place and The Homestead Atlanta  and learn lost heritage skills like blacksmithing, glassblowing, herbalism, canning, and so much more. Go bold with this unexpected gift and give the gift of experience. Get tickets for two and turn it into something you can enjoy together.

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