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During each of our most recent moves, we seemed to find ourselves working with a very short window of time. With this last go around, we may have cut it closer than ever…. and scored better than ever. little-green-houseWe were still searching for some place to call home, with only a week left before Ryan was starting his new job in Atlanta (talk about anxiety). This house was the last one we saw on the last day that we were in town before moving. Y’all don’t want to know how close we came to some bad situations…

There I go getting ahead of myself again… let me backpedal a little bit.

Eight months after moving back south and splitting our time between our folks (can you believe they only live a mile apart), we were moving out. Ryan finally got an offer we had been waiting for. It’s funny how life can push you to the limits, to the point you think you might break, only to turn around and make you feel like you’re flying. We had turned D.C. and NJ down, and opted out of living in FL… twice. We had our reasons for being picky. We didn’t uproot the life we began to build for three years up north and share living quarters with our parents again, just to take the next best thing. We knew we wanted to be no more than six hours away from our family, and we knew we wanted to grow our own food. In the end, we were between northern VA and Atlanta, GA. We heavily weighed the pros and cons of everything, from cost of living and ‘things to do’ to climate and soils. (We just roll like that.) In the end, Ryan landed and accepted a position in the ATL.

With a long awaited stop at our storage unit all wrapped up, we were ready to do this thang.atlanta-bound
It took us about half a second to fall in love with living here. The farmers market in our neighborhood is too cute to boot, and we’ve enjoyed hitting up a lot of others sprinkled throughout the surrounding parks (we like rubbing elbows with the local farmers themselves). In addition to the vast and incredible food scene, we now have land! I can’t believe we live in the city and have as much as we do. Ask and you shall receive…

After years of renting apartment after apartment, a house older than our country (myself and 4 boys), a duplex, and a pit stop, we are ready to settle in! Or at least start a new dream, because for years this has been our dream: to love where we live and love what we do.

Are we alone, or is anyone else willing to go crazy chasing dreams?  Anyone relate to the overwhelming joy of reuniting with all that is in your storage unit?

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    March 16, 2014 at 1:57 am

    I totally understand the feeling and comfort of “my house and my stuff”. I believe that is a natural feeling we all share. Something about our home gives us a sanctuary that allowes us to relax and recharge like no other, or it should. I am glad you two have found this space. I can only suggest you remember to thank God for this blessing.

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      this natural dream
      April 2, 2014 at 2:22 pm

      Every day, many times a day.


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