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homemade apple leather treats

The last time that my sister came to visit I got a frantic call from my mom wanting to know how many apples and pears I wanted. My parents were watching my sister’s little boys so it was convenient for her to send big bags full of fresh picked produce my way.

We definitely jumped the fall gun and made apple everything. (I wanted to put fall scents in my Scentsy and start thinking about Thanksgiving.) I made a snickerdoodle apple cobbler for Ryan, whipped up a huge batch of slow cooked apples, and knocked out some apple leathers.


Usually, when I make apple leathers I use organic store bought apple sauce, but the abundance of apples allowed me the opportunity to make them from scratch. Making them was pretty straight forward. It wasn’t that messy and after getting it in the dehydrator, all the work was in waiting. (Have you noticed yet, how Ryan is the one who does most of the cooking and I do a lot of dehydrated snacks?)


First thing you need to do is to wash and peel all the apples. I used all the apples I had left, but 4 cups of cut apples seams to be good portion for one batch.

After cutting the apples up, place them into a sauce pan. Over medium heat, cook the apples until they become soft (stirring often). If you want to add cinnamon or brown sugar, I’d add it at this point.


When they were ready, I pureed them with my Kitchen Aid hand blender.


Once the apples reached a smooth consistency, I spooned them onto the dehydrator tray. (I used a solid screen on the try to give the puree solid surface.)


They take anywhere from six to twelve hours in the dehydrator at 135 degrees to be done. Check to make sure even the thickest parts are dry all the way through.

Unlike the strawberry roll-ups, I tear the apple leather into manageable pieces. For storage I keep then in canning jars with lids.


The more I dehydrate, the more inspired I become to try new recipes… Ryan might be a better cook, but I have the quick draw with it comes to dehydrator.

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