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homemade natural ant killer, muahahaha

The heat is starting to drop off and the mosquitoes are no longer bringing me to tears, but ants remain the bane of my existence. It’s like playing hot potato with your feet walking through the yard. Just imagine me jumping from one foot to the other trying to find a safe spot to stand.


Our landlord has a pest control company come by every few months and make sure all is well and treats around the house. (We rent, did you know that? We did ask if we could garden before diving in head first.) Ray, the pest control guy, and myself became fast friends. The first day we met we walked around the outside of the house and talked ants for quite some time. That dude has some stories. He quickly informed me that I had just moved to Georgia, one big ant hill. Ray is also quick to brush off my natural solutions, and instead tells me that I need to break out the Windex to clear the pheromones ants leave for the rest to follow.

We have been dealing with ants off and on since we moved in last October. Diatomaceous Earth and Terro have been our best friends. We knew how bad the problem was when spoiling the cat with a little bowl of milk went very wrong. Can you imagine how big my eyes got when I walked in on this!


I’m happy to report that never happened again. This bowl was an easy target since they had been literally wrapped around the house. I was flinging Diatomaceous Earth all over the place to break up the march of ants as well as placing Terro in a few spots to redirect their attention.


As for this year, I actually pulled out the last bit of Windex we may ever own and went to town in ‘my bathroom’ (we have a his and hers thing going). They weren’t just making an appearance in the bathroom, they were also crawling all over the laundry we had just pulled in from off the line. I had actually made my way back out to the clothesline after throwing my hands up and the towel in. These guys bother me far more than they get to Ryan. I tend to call them names I would never say out loud to my mother and get a little on the angry side… it’s like being under attack I tell you!


I just want to hang my laundry, love on my lemon tree, and visit my garden in peace. Right now, they are all invaded with these demons. That’s why today, I put my foot down. I am done being chased away (Ryan is done hearing me complain).

Homemade natural ant killer that brings sweet relief


Trying something new, I mixed these ingredients together:

1 cup of sugar
1 tbs of Borax
½ cup of water

I poured all the ingredients into a jar and stirred them together.


Then I poured a good bit into a old container we thought we threw out. Luckily we hadn’t and I was able to use it for these wicked suckers.


Ryan often tells me I’m the nicest person he’s ever known, but when it comes to ants I get a sick pleasure watching them gather around for ‘a last meal’ (insert Cruella De Vil laugh here).


Thanks to this homemade ant killer I think I am going to take Terro out of my holster, replace it with my natural ant kill, and start shooting with this sweet stuff.


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