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homemade strawberry fruit roll-up

Ryan and I both have a sweet tooth, though, his is off the charts. There’s a whole big thing about his mom’s side of the family being sweet fiends… It’s a hard beast to tame. We are more selective with the snacks we consume, but we like to always have something sweet around. If we don’t have something to snack on, we at least have ingredients on hand for sugar craving cures like, “brownies in a cup.” (Ryan is baking almond butter cookies at this very moment.)

I’ve been proud of the healthy treats we’ve made through our eating transition, like the black bean brownies we’ve made in the past. But nothing is as solid as the homemade fruit roll-ups (also known as leathers) I make. All the other treats we make have healthy substitutes, but still contain sugar and aren’t really good for you. The homemade fruit roll-ups are pure and delicious. They are a sweet treat I can casually snack on without mad guilt.. or fear really, the way things are made today.


Homemade fruit roll-ups are fun to eat, easy to make, and are a healthy sweet treat – all my favorite things. Until now, I made the apple roll-ups the most, but after making these strawberry fruit roll-ups, I’m looking forward to swaying from my usual go-to and trying new flavors.

Here are the four easy steps I took to get these strawberry fruit-roll- ups.

All you need is strawberries to make your own strawberry-roll- ups. If you want to jazz it up and infuse other flavors, have at it! Honey and lemon are some that sound like perfect additions.

Step 1
Wash and core allotted strawberries. I usually do at least about ½ pint. Then, slice them into small pieces for cooking.


Step 2
Place your cut strawberries in a medium sauce pan. Over medium-high heat, cook down the strawberries, stirring often. (If you are adding any additional ingredients, this is where to mix them in.)


Step 3
Once the strawberries have started to liquify, puree them. You can use any mixer or food processor, I’m just excited to say I finally got to use our hand mixer we got as a wedding gift, 2 years ago. (I have an explanation for that here.) And for the record, it works amazingly. So far, so good.


Step 4
Use a clear plastic screen or line a tray with parchment paper to give the strawberries a solid surface. Pour the pureed strawberries onto the dehydrator tray guiding it with a spatula, creating the thickness desired. Set the dehydrator to 135 degrees and let it go for at least six hours but no more than twenty hours.


The fruit roll-ups are ready when they are barely sticky. You should be able to easily peel the roll-up of the screen and tear it into adequate pieces. Roll them in parchment paper (if you baked on parchment paper just roll as you tear) and store in a sealed glass jar. Keep for up to a month.


We’ve had a lot of food preservation posts lately, but rest assured we are still tending the garden, seedlings are planted, and fall beds are being prepped. It’s the calm before the storm.

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