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How To Make Candles Naturally

how to make candles naturally

If you’ve been a reader of our blog, you are likely well aware of my need for clean and OCD ways. If you are new to the blog, well, the cats out of the bag. My middle school memories are filled with fresh scents of cleaning products and burning candles to top it off. Ahhh, the sweet comforting smell of questionable (dangerous) chemicals filling the air, it didn’t get much better.

As we started cleaning green and making our own cleaning products, the smell of my old go-to supplies hasn’t been missed in the least. As for the candles, they had been replaced by Scentsys each of our moms bought us. Candles release chemicals like benzene and toluene. Paraffin wax, synthetic fragrances, and even wicks pose a threat to our health. The more we traveled down the natural road, the more I started questioning the wax melts of our Scentsys. (You can read about why they aren’t so safe and how to make a DIY alternative here.) Now, we no longer use our Scentsy either.

Today, we strictly use our essential oil diffuser and the homemade candles I recently whipped up. And I do mean whipped up. Once you have all the ingredients, making a candle is no hassle at all.


What you need:

12 oz. jar
12 oz. soy wax or beeswax 
1/2 cup of coconut oil
70 drops of essential (your choice)
cotton wick (lead-free)
pen or pencil
double boiler

Steps to take:

1. Get the jar ready by placing the wick in the center of the jar. Get the wick taught and stable by tying it with the string to a pen/pencil. I actually rigged it between the writing utensil and the clip- worked like a charm.


2. Get the double boiler ready. When the water starts boiling at medium heat add the wax to melt.


3. Once the wax starts melting down well, add the coconut oil.


4. Add the essential oils as everything is melting together and the temperatures are rising inside the boiler.


5. Continue to heat the mixture while monitoring the temperature closely. Shoot to get it between 140-150 degrees making sure not to exceed 170 degrees.


6. Once you have reached the adequate temperature, carefully pour the mix into the jar. Hopefully you can avoid getting any on the edges of the jar like I did this last run…

7. After the candle has completely cooled, cut the wick and enjoy. It’s no Yankee Candle, but your health will thank you.


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