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How To Make Homemade Hand Sanitizer

It’s getting crisper outside with the passing of each day. Our New England friends may be feeling it more than we are down in Georgia, but before long we will all be bundled up surrounded by runny noses, coughing, and flue like germs. It’s true, the season of fighting off illness is swiftly approaching.

Ryan and I are certainly no germaphobes, but we still have mad appreciation for hand sanitizer in times of need, i.e. public restrooms. Unfortunately, hand sanitizers aren’t the saving grace they have been made out to be. They can contain dangerous chemicals like phthalates and triclosan (an active ingredient in pesticides) that can be absorbed in food you eat (after sanitizing before a meal) and have been linked to infertility, cancer, hormonal and neurological imbalances. One of the reasons we stopped using store bought hand sanitizer was that it actually can weaken your immune system.

While we have gone more than a year without the ability to wash away germs free from a sink, soap and water, I have taken matters into my own hands by making hand sanitizer. I can’t go into another public restroom without it. The restroom door alone gives me the willies. Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to leave without feeling somehow contaminated? I’d like to note that even without the aid of traditional hand sanitizer I can’t recall that last time we were truly ill in this house (knock on wood).

Making homemade hand sanitizer is quick, easy, and keeps your entire family chemical-free while protecting yourselves from the slightly disgusting germs that cover the doorknobs of the world. Here’s how to make hand sanitizer like a boss:


3 tablespoons of pure Aloe Vera gel (I bought this at Whole Foods)

  • Heals wounds, scrapes, burns and moisturizes

1/2 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil or Witch Hazel

  • Protects your skin from the sun, treats scars and wrinkles. Witch hazel heals bruises, refreshes skin, and moisturizes.keeping-skin-soft-and-healthy

5 drops of essential oil

  • Use essential oils that fight germs like tea tree, lemon, lavender, thieves, etc.

Mix all the ingredients together in a squeezable container, shake, and be ready to fight crime germs and bacteria.

I actually made two batches. I made one with vitamin E oil and thieves oil, and one with witch hazel using lavender and lemon essential oil. My preference was the one with vitamin E and thieves oil. It smells great, and my hands felt aaamazing. My confidence in thieves is unshakable. I use a thieves oil cleaning spray to clean nearly every inch of our house, and now, I’m going to be carrying it with me in full faith that it will fight off all the filth life may throw at me.


You can put the homemade sanitizer in a spray bottle, but I preferred to keep it in a squeezable container. I actually used a to-go salad dressing container from Bed Bath & Beyond. It works perfectly.


I’m looking forward to hitting the open road/hiking trail and putting it to the ultimate traveling test.


Update:  Apparently typing “knocking on wood” isn’t quite as effective as actually knocking on wood. A couple weeks after this post went up Ryan caught a nasty bug at his office. He now keeps homemade hand sanitizer at his desk…

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