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I Have A Homestead Dream

“I have a dream…” The words just keep ringing in my head. This is specifically due to the fact that it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but it is also in part to Ryan and I setting out to pursue our own dreams. Though we do love the dream he saw for all of us. Our dream isn’t as grand as Mr. King’s, but like him we have faith. Like many of the other blessings in our lives, we know faith can go a long way.

Homesteading on a rental property has run its course for us, and we are ready to plunge into the world of land ownership. It isn’t just a dream that we want for ourselves but also something we hope can positively affect the community around us. I can’t wait to be saying ‘Fresh produce for sale at the Ball casa, y’all.’

We were so lucky to have found our little green house on an acre in a pinch, but the trees, county regulations, and the small fact we don’t exactly own the place has held us back long enough. The hunt for a new home is on. I’m completely giddy over it. Ryan and I were smiling ear to ear while we drove around the Atlanta perimeter looking for a couple acres to call our own in a community that our future kids will enjoy growing up in.

This extensive search has started independently, but a realtor will be on board soon enough. The first property we drove around sits next to a church and seems to be the old pastor’s house as the exterior materials match the church. It might be a stones throw from the church, but it comes with a whopping nine acres. It’s a steal, and we are curious to know the catch. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t already dreaming of turning the side shed into a chicken coop. Aside from the unknown, there are some obvious downfalls to the property like no garage and being near a busy road that the beautiful front porch looks over. Being married to landscape architect comes in handy in these types of situations.

We looked at a few other homes in the Stone Mountain area that didn’t even make the maybe list, but driving through the adorably quaint town center made us feel like this could possibly be our little place just outside the city.


Next, we hit the Ellenwood area where we saw a promising home in an ideal neighborhood. After one look at all the trees we knew it was a no-go and we were on to the next community, College Park.


Even though the house Ryan took us to in College Park was a hands-down no for both of us (laughable even), we were loving the potential of agriculture in the area. The shopping centers were better than the other areas and  Ryan’s commute into Midtown would only be a little longer than it is with us being within the Atlanta perimeter. Definitely on the maybe list.

So we have a house we’d like to know more about (hello, nine acres!), and we have a community we want to definitely house hunt in. It’s a lot more than we had just days ago. We have several dreams but this one is on the front burner. There’s much more to explore around Atlanta before we zero in, and we can’t wait to find our own little homestead. This Natural Dream has a lot of changes coming this year, buying property is just one of them. Stay tuned….

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