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It’s a special day around here. Today, we celebrate Kearney turning 6! Our little guy is growing up on us. This takes me back to the day that he completed this trio. My sister actually picked him out as a birthday gift for me. He was the coolest cat in the bunch, chilling on the couch with my brother-in-law. If it was up to him, his name would have been Rambo. Below is the very first picture taken of the birthday boy and then all of us together at my b-day party.



As soon as I got the cat, I jumped in the car and headed to Ryan’s place. I was so nervous that Ryan wouldn’t like him (guys and cats don’t always go together), but it was the exact opposite. It was insta love. Ryan jumped on the computer and started reading off proper Irish cat names while I continued to stare down the cute new face around the house.


It wasn’t long before we settled on a name and spelling. And that is the story of how Kearney cat came to be. There is only one other thing you need to know about his beginnings- his green blanket. Ryan had just picked up this blanket for his place when Kearney came along… and took it.

It is the same green blanket we take with him on car trips. That’s the other thing, Kearney is man of travel. When Ryan and I were dating I used to haul Kearney back and forth when I would go to Ryan’s apartment. I attribute this daily commute as to why he is such a good traveler now. Kearney cat has been a trooper. We take him with us nearly every time we go out of town and that includes at least a dozen trips commuting back and forth between Massachusetts and Tennessee.


No matter the load, he always seems to find a way to get comfortable.

He is a big hit at the drive thru too. Everyone loves a traveling catdog. Kearney really is our little catdog. He has learned how to sit, lay, and give his paw on command (90% of the time).

Not only is he a lovely travel companion, he’s friendly to boot. Just ask all his previous roommates.


First there was Django, Kearney’s brother form another mother. They were adorable together.

And then there was this guy. They all three lived together in sweet harmony and curiosity.


When we moved to Amherst, Kearney lived with a crazy dog (not pictured) and later a little cat named, Stimpy. Stimpy liked to hide in our roommate’s bathroom, particularly behind the toilet, but other times you’d find him sharing a window seat with our guy.

When we made the move back to Knoxville, Kearney got to live it up with Ryan’s family dog, Roxy, for a bit. She was always desperate for his attention. He won’t admit it now, but he was known to give in every now and again. I can’t count the number of pictures I have of the two of them adorably staking out the windows together.

cat-and-dog cat-dog
Kearney has moved more than most people I know. We counted 7 moves in his 6 years of life.


Don’t be fooled, he loves the chaos of a move. It might just be the highlight of a year for him.


If he could voice it, I think he would say New England was his favorite, only because he got to go crazy outside. (You might not know this, but Kearney doubles as a model.)

See, the thing is, Kearney is strictly indoors now after one too many accidents outside when we moved back to Knoxville. The first incident happened when he was either chased or chasing something up a tree.

It took hours to get him down. Ryan was able to throw a rope over the branch by tying a sandbag to the end to give it weight. At the other end of the rope was a basket with tuna place inside for little motivation. Kearney was all in.

Once we got him to the bottom, it wasn’t long before he was into his next debacle.  Being attacked by a dog was the final blow. We decided better safe than sorry, and now he goes no further outside than a screened-in porch.

dog-attackIt has to be said, Kearney has been by my side the entire duration of writing this post. I think he just wants to see what I say about him. All good things of course. We’ re eating up these flashbacks.

sitting-catNow that you know more about our little bff, let me leave you with some of our favorite K-moments. He is obviously the main subject to my camera, aside from garden goodness.


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