less is more around these parts

Ryan and I have been on a major mission the past few months to get rid of everything we can. While most dream of a big beautiful homes and lavish belongings, we are thinking up new ways to live as ‘tiny’ as possible. (A little foreshadowing here.) We not only long for a pure life, we long for a simple life.

Having stacks of things to take to Goodwill in one corner and a few other things to sell stacked in another has become the norm around here. I love getting the Goodwill pile up and out. I swear the energy in the house goes up each time we get more out the door. But even if we are dropping items off, we don’t always come back empty handed…

On our most recent drop-off we decided to peruse one of Atlanta’s Goodwill centers for four dinning room chairs to jazz up. We didn’t find chairs, but I did find two of the most perfect baskets! (Totally exclamation worthy.) One is the perfect size and shape for picking produce from the garden, and one Ryan picked out that matches our laundry basket. It matches and is a better size for my clothespins. Another highlight to Goodwill finds, our grand total was only $4.

It may seem like bringing more into the house is working against us, but it actually gave us more space in our multifunctional laundry room. I was able to get rid of over-sized basket, and the new additions slid perfectly into place.

Organization feels sooo good, don’t you think?

As long as we keep up the purging momentum, I think it’s safe to bring a few new friends home. Just one more thing, they had a little selection of flower pots too- who knew? Something to remember for sure.

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