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Making A Lavender Sachet For a Fresh Closet

Our lavender has been harvested and drying for weeks. It has been a long wait, but I am finally ready to make my first project using lavender fresh from the garden. I was leaning towards making a bath salt before changing directions completely and going with a lavender sachet.


After getting home from our first baby shower, I went straight into the nursery and started finding a home for all of our girl’s new things. The fact that we got home late wasn’t going to stop me from hanging several of her outfits in the closet. You can just imagine me smiling like a fool practically dancing from the spot I was putting clothes on the hanger to the closet.

Feeling pleased with myself, I had to have Ryan check all the progress that had been made. Pointing out the changes throughout her room, the closet was left for the grand finale. Within minutes of us standing in awe over her growing collection of precious outfits Ryan was quick to comment on us getting cedar to hang with her clothes.

Instantly, I was sold on the idea as it can be a bit musty in that closet. It was during my hunt for the perfect lavender project that I turned my thoughts from a cedar hanger to a lavender sachet. It was easy for me to switch from making something for myself to making something for our little bean. Anything for this little girl about to enter our lives.


A lavender sachet will keep her clothes smelling sweet and fresh. It also acts as a natural repellent for moths. Sachets can be something simple to throw together or can be made a little more elaborate depending on the shape, handle, and added details to the sack. Using fabrics already on hand, my lavender sachet fell somewhere in the middle.


What you need:

Breathable fabric
I used two lace fabric pieces cut 4”x 5”.

Material for handle (optional)
Twine, ribbon, or fabrics are a few ideal choices.

Dried lavender
For maximum scent, pack the sack full with 1/2 cup – 1 cup.


Make the pouch
Once the fabric is cut, lay them right side together (faded side of the material out) and stitch three of the sides together leaving the top open. Then, turn the sack right side out to where the pattern is showing.


Make the handle
If you are using a twine or ribbon like handle, the only prep here is to cut it to size. If using cloth material, measure and cut it to size (I did 1 1/4” x 13”). Fold the material right sides together, and stitch one of the long sides closed leaving the ends open.

Turning the fabric handle right side out is the tedious part of making a lavender sachet. Flip the ends back so the fabric begins to turn inside out. Begin to pull from the middle and continue to roll the inside out so the right side of the fabric is on the outside. Use an object like a pencil or skewer to help push the material through.


To give the handle a clean look, fold and stitch the ends up. I folded about an inch on both ends. Then, set the finished handle aside.


Prep lavender
Using lavender that has dried for 10-14 days, pick the buds off the stem and gather in a bowl. They should come off with ease.


Stitch and fill
Place the handle in the open side of the pouch aligning the sew lines of the fold in the handle with the top of the lavender sachet. Start stitching the top of the sachet together leaving a section open for enough room to pour in the lavender. I used a simple funnel to pour the lavender into the sachet. With the lavender filled, finish sewing the sachet closed.


Hang it and enjoy
Find a door knob, drawer, or closet that needs a little wake me up to hang the lavender sachet. Then, just let the sweet aroma of lavender take over.


Like I talked about in this post about simple lavender uses, I only had enough lavender from the garden to create one project. I had less than ¼ cup to be exact. The smell of lavender doesn’t exactly hit you in the face when the closet door is open, but the clothes are covered in the subtle fragrance. I think it will be the perfect amount of scent for our newborn to handle. Eeek now we are just waiting for this little one to show up and slip into these adorable get-ups.

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